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Weekly Addiction News Roundup January 2019

Read most recent news about addiction that happened in this week (14/01/2019 – 19/01/2019)

Addiction Recovery Roundup

1). Key brain area plays a crucial role in addiction

New research finds that the cerebellum, a large part of the human brain that scientists thought was primarily involved in motor control, may play a key role in reward-seeking and social behaviors. The findings may help inform future therapies for treating addiction [MediaNewsToday]

2). Dead And 12 Hospitalized After Mass Drug Overdose In California

One person has died and four are in critical condition after a mass drug overdose at a house in Chico, Calif. A total of 12 people were taken to the hospital. Police say they suspect the mass overdose was caused by ingestion of the opiate fentanyl in combination with another substance.

[NPR News]

3). Police: Orem man arrested in severe abuse of 1-year-old child

OREM, Utah (ABC4 News) – An Orem man is in jail after police say he caused severe injuries to his one year old child. Police were called to the hospital on Jan 13 by doctors who said sometime overnight an infant they were treating was severely injured.

[ ABC4 News]

4). The Link Between Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse

Various studies over several years provide insights into the connection of domestic violence and substance abuse for both teens and adults. [EfficientGov]

5). Happiness exercises could help those recovering from substance abuse

Short, text-based infusions of happiness could help with recovery from substance abuse, a new study reports. “Addiction scientists are increasingly moving beyond the traditional focus on reducing or eliminating substance use by advocating treatment protocols that encompass quality of life,” [ZME Science]

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  1. Thank you, Katrina. Very useful to know about addiction.
    4th point “The Link Between Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse”
    Is new to hear. Thanks again.

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