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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – Sep 2 Week

1. Flavorings In E-Cigarettes Might Mix In Unexpected, Harmful Ways

Flavorings combine with solvents in e-cigarettes to produce new toxic chemicals that irritate the airways, triggering reactions that can lead to breathing and heart and blood vessel problems, according to new research presented. (

2. Impacts Of Covid-19 On Substance Use

CCSA is the go-to place in Canada for trusted information on COVID-19 and substance use. We have put together a suite of resources from websites and organizations from around the world, as well publications from our own experts. (

3. How To Recover From Addiction And Break The Stigma

A virtual event to challenge the stigma attached to addiction kicked off last night. Recovery Day BC – Canada’s largest addiction and mental health festival. (

4. Almost 14 Million U.S. Adults Vape, With Use Rising Fastest In Young

The number of Americans using electronic cigarettes is soaring, especially among youth, a new study finds. (

5. Covid Risks Making Society More Unequal Than Since Early Victorian Times

As life expectancy stalls and infant mortality rises, abolishing Public Health England will only make things worse. (

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