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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – March 1st Week

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1. Watch ‘Stronger Than Addiction’ Thursday at 6 pm

A local woman has made it her mission to cut down on overdose deaths in the U.S.Angel Bryan is a recovering drug addict and also has two sons fighting addiction. Raising awareness for this growing problem has always been a passion of hers. That’s why she started Stronger Than Addiction. (

2. New Research Examines Connection Between Opioid Addiction And Early Life Adversity

A study published last December in the academic journal Molecular Psychiatry has shed light on the connection between opioid abuse and early life adversity. According to the study, “individuals with a history of early life adversity (ELA) are disproportionately prone to opioid addiction.” The study also found that people who have a family history of opioid addiction are more likely to develop opioid addiction. (

3. New Addiction Treatment Clinic Opens Its Doors In Centralia

Centralia’s newest addiction treatment clinic opened its doors on Monday.“Ideal Option is committed to connecting people to the resources they need to rebuild their lives and relationships from the devastating effects of addiction,” Senior Medical Director Dr. Brian Dawson said in a press release. (

4. She wanted addiction treatment. She ended up in the relapse capital of America.

Brianna Jaynes wanted help for her addiction to painkillers and heroin. She ended up trapped in a cycle that focused on running up big insurance bills and landing profitable kickbacks — not addressing her drug problem. (

5.Plan in works for opioid addiction prevention

The opioid epidemic is here in Montana, but between 2012 and 2017, there was a 4% overall decrease in opioid prescription rates in MontanaThis hasn’t fixed the issue though. We sat down with state medical officer, Greg Holzman, to talk about the strategic task force being organized to prevent opioid addiction. (

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