Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – January 3rd Week

1.How Philly plans to combat the nation’s worst big-city opioid crisis in 2020

Philadelphia is home to the worst urban opioid crisis in America. More than 3,000 people have died of drug overdoses here in the last three years, and the city health department estimates that tens of thousands of Philadelphians are addicted to opioids. (

2. We’ve fought hard to reduce the stigma around mental health – now the same must be done for addiction

The very word can conjure frightening images and that’s not without reason. It’s frightening, harmful and distressing. But all too often, are we blaming our anxieties on the addict, as opposed to the disease? (

3.Study: Opioid Treatment Gap Widens for Teens, Young Adults

While the use of a key federally approved medication for opioid dependence more than doubled in the U.S. over the past decade, its usage rate among teens and young adults actually fell, according to a new study(

4. Did you take your buprenorphine? App monitors use

A small pilot study showed that patients were largely satisfied with a mobile application that enabled them to upload videos of themselves taking buprenorphine, a medication used to treat the opioid-use disorder. (

5. Acclaimed scientist gets brain surgery for alcohol addiction

Alcohol was always a big part of Frank Plummer’s life. At the beginning of his research career, in the early 1980s in Nairobi, he began to lean on scotch to relax, and to handle stress, disappointment, and grief related to his work. (

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