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The McShin Foundation

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The McShin Foundation is a Recovery resource foundation. The McShin Foundation is an Alcohol and Drug Addiction treatment center, is situated in Virginia. It was Founded in 2004. The McShin foundation followed  12 -steps and it gives the knowledge to overcome the addiction. They give proper amenities, treatment, medication, healthy food and learning skills. They recover the patients who were addicted to the Drugs and Alcohol.

They did the McShin family council, Training, Residential Services. This is a recovery Community Organization. They Followed social model program. They allowed the patient with available pathways to long-term successful recovery.

“America Honors Recovery” is given an award to McShin Foundation. The McShin Foundation will be teaching the Addiction aide courses. The CEUs will be accepted through The NAADAC Certification Commission and the Virginia Certification Board.


  • Individualized Treatment
  • Assessment
  • Financing
  • Accommodation of food
  • Treatment
  • Staff credentials

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  • two gender-specific homes
  • 175-bed capacity
  • Amenities include laundry facilities
  • computers with Internet
  • onsite staff
  • literature and visual media
  • residents are taken grocery shopping once a week
  • They cook their own meals
  • Food is included in the cost
  • 15,000 square foot Recovery Community Center

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  • Experiential Therapy
  • Residential Treatment
  • Individual Therapy

Flexible Detox & Treatment Programs

  • Suboxone
  • McShin Model
  • Medication
  • Assisted treatment
  • Intervention Services
  • Detox
  • Drug-Based treatment

  • Covered by Most Insurance Companies
  • Build a Strong Foundation in Recovery
  • Random drug based testing
  • a 10 pm curfew for the first 30 days

  • mandatory attendance of 14 meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous each week 
  • Weekly Medication
  • church service
  • Do daily chores

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Amazing. I have tried many different forms of treatment but McShin actually worked for me. Peer to peer connections. Staff is in recovery as well. Need more funding to help more indigents. I  learned a lot. I give them a high recommendation.

 McShin to get and stay clean and was unsuccessful. The community and staff are amazing. Peer to Peer; recovering in the community and not a lockdown facility; links to clinical services; offers same day services.
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The McShin foundation gave me my life back. They accepted me for who I was and worked with me to make a better me.

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Do I need a doctor’s referral to be admitted or for my insurance to pay?

No, our doctors and administrative staff will handle all your needs.

What is the average length of stay?

The average length of stay is dependent upon the individual needs ~ Most stay last between 30 to 90 days.

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The McShin Foundation

Last Update : August 9, 2020


Can you leave the rehabilitation center?

You can leave the rehab any time, no one will compel you to stay at the rehab. However, dedication and continued treatment are required to fight addiction and achieve a sober life.

What are the Stages of Addiction?

There are various stages of addictions. The initial stage is the functioning individual with the addiction. The most common scenario is they have a job and their relationships are intact, but their health is depleting slowly because of their dependence.

What are narcotics and why people get it?

Narcotic analgesics (painkillers) are drugs that can reduce pain, cause numbness and/ or induce a state of unconsciousness. They have the tendency to cause tolerance and addiction

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