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Barbiturates Withdrawal & Treatment

Barbiturates Withdrawal Symptoms

The treatment for barbiturate dependence starts with a gradual withdrawal from using the drug strictly under medical advice. Otherwise, the patients may experience a rapid progression in the withdrawal symptoms, from mild to severe side effects of barbiturates.

Barbiturates common side effects may include:

  • High core body temperature
  • Seizures and hallucinations
  • Barbiturates side effects body
  • Barbiturates side effects heart
  • Respiratory arrest
  • Anxiety and insomnia
  • Psychosis and severe agitation
  • Sweating and tremors

Sudden withdrawal signs of barbiturate addiction may prove fatal, which is why it is recommended to get the barbiturates withdrawal treatment from trained and licensed professionals in a medical facility.

Some Shocking Statistics:

  • Almost 75% of people with addiction to barbiturates may have seizures due to withdrawal. 
  • In 2013, over 396 deaths in the U.S. were caused due to barbiturates, either alone or in combination with other drugs or illnesses.
  • 66% of the abusers may experience delirium for several days or even weeks. 
  • In 2018, it was found that among 405,000 Americans over 12 years of age who used barbiturates, 32,000 were misusing them.
  • Per reports, one in 10 people who have suffered a barbiturates overdose may die. So kindly receive

    barbiturates overdose treatment to stay healthy and happy.

Barbiturates Addiction Treatment Options

Barbiturates dependence may foster both physical and mental addiction, and your best treatment option would be determined by considering all these conditions. 

People who suffer from barbiturate dependence issues will likely need an approved medically-supervised detoxification plan. They must enroll themselves with the best drug rehab centers to have access to excellent medical care where their heart rate, breathing, and other body functions are thoroughly monitored. Then, a personalized treatment plan is formulated for your specific needs.

Several rehab centers provide comprehensive methods of treatment to get rid of barbiturate addiction issues. You will need to undergo traditional forms of therapy like group or individual sessions, addiction counseling, and other alternative and holistic forms of healing programs to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms of abuse. 

Select a recovery center that has a compassionate team that can implement the best practices in a safe and calming environment. They must be well-versed with industry-leading treatment protocols for drug abuse.

The recovery process is not limited to treating the barbiturate addiction symptoms in their rehabilitative programs but they also help you deal with relapse triggers and prevent further abuse to have a healthy and happy life in the long run. 

Seeking Help For Barbiturate Addiction Treatment

If you know someone who is an abuser or you yourself want to seek treatment for barbiturates drugs side effects and barbiturates addiction issues, finding the right rehab center is the key. Search for the top nationally recognized Barbiturate addiction and withdrawal treatment centers on our website.





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