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– Stages Of Addiction Treatment

Addiction affects individuals in different ways, but the effects of a reliance on drugs or alcohol often are the same. An individual may also have a compulsive need to participate in unhealthy activities, such as excessively watching porn or gambling, and treatment is also available for these behaviors. Addictions can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s personal life and relationships with a spouse, children, parents, friends, and others. The individual who is addicted to substances or activities may struggle in the workplace and this can impact his or her financial situation. In some cases, the individual may have a related legal issue, and this can compound the situation. [Tweet “Recovery is generally a lifelong process, and the individual must receive ample support and care from those close to him or her in order to find success on a daily basis”] In most cases, individuals who are most successful in their effort will spend time in an addiction treatment center and emerge a sober and transformed individual.


The first stage in any treatment program is the detoxification stage. During this stage, an addict who is dependent on drugs or alcohol may experience physical withdrawal symptoms as the substance passes through the body. Individuals who are addicted to an activity may need to overcome their impulse to participate in the activity. Generally, the detox process can take between three and 14 days, but the actual time may vary based on the level of dependency the body has on the substance, as well as the type of substance in the body.

In some cases, the individual suffering from a dependency on drugs or alcohol may participate in a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or a residential treatment program. In these programs, the detox stage may be medically assisted. Some withdrawal symptoms may be painful, and medical assistance can make this process easier to endure. There are also intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) and outpatient programs (OP) for all types of addiction.

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Receiving support at home during the recovery stage

After the actual treatment process has been completed, the individual may still struggle with an inclination or desire to participate in the behavior again. Individuals are never cured of an addiction, and instead, they will remain in an on-going state of recovery. Those who are most successful at leading a sober lifestyle free of their negative or destructive behavior are those who receive adequate support at home and from their friends. Because of this, the best treatment plan is one that incorporates education and support services for the loved one of the addict.

Continuum of care in the treatment process is important. When an individual relapses, there may be a need for the individual to walk through the entire treatment process once again. If you or a loved one is struggling with a problem with alcohol, drugs or any type of impulsive behavioral issue, it is important to reach out to an addiction treatment center to receive the support that is needed.



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