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South Dakota is a U.S. state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. The state is named after the Native American tribes, who compose a large portion of the population and historically dominated the territory. The state is the 5th least densely populated and the 5th smallest in population and the seventeenth-largest in the area among the 50 United States. Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota and Pierre is the state capital. In the north, the state is bordered by North Dakota, in the east by Minnesota, Iowa in the southeast direction, Nebraska in the south, to the west by Wyoming and in the Northwest by Montana.

These are the top cities in South Dakota:

S.NoName of the citiesPopulationLatitude / Longitude
1Sioux Falls171,54443.55 / -96.7
2Rapid City73,56944.081 / -103.231
3Aberdeen28,10245.465 / -98.486
4Brookings23,65744.311 / -96.798
5Watertown22,07344.899 / -97.115

Most commonly abused drugs

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Stimulants, like methamphetamine
  • Other opiates, including prescription drugs
  • Cocaine

Substance Abuse Statistics

  • Alcohol is the most cited substance in the state for which a lot of people were checked into the South Dakota drug rehab facilities to treat. In that time both the usage of marijuana and methamphetamine were observed as a growing problem.
  • In the past month, about 57.9% of residents have reported the abuse of alcohol in 2009 and it was higher than the national average of about 51.8%.
  • In 2009, about 51 people died in the state for drug usage
  • According to the survey in 2010, about 7% of residents in the state use illicit drugs in the past month.
  • About 2478 people in the state who entered for the treatment of both alcohol and drug addiction in 2010, according to the survey by Substance Abuse Treatment Episode Data Set. In that about 61.5% of them were male and about 38.5% were females.
  • In between the years 2004 to 2011, there were 82 opioid death rates were observed, in 2013 its was about 17 and in 2014 it was about 16.
  • Between the years 2009 to 2013, about 9.2%(61,000 people) abuse alcohol.
  • Among all the adults in the state about 18.3% of them who age in between 12-20 report binge drinking in the state. The state has been observed with the ever increase in its average of binge drinking than its national average.
  • Since 2002, the arrests related to the drug overdose has been seemed to be increased when only 31 individuals were arrested. The usage of methamphetamine is high in the state.
  • Only 10% of the people in the state, around 6,000 in number received treatment in the state for alcohol abuse from 2009-2013 and this number is more stagnant over the years.
  • According to the statistics by SAMHSA, individuals who age more than 12 have a higher percentage of abuse, about 6.7% than compared to the national average.
  • In 2010, 871 people entered treatment for alcohol only treatment with an additional 562 people who suffered from alcohol abuse combined with a secondary drug.
  • South Dakota police seized about 31 pounds of methamphetamine in the year 2015, they identified and dismantled nearly 28 meth labs. 2,126 arrests for methamphetamine was made in the state, which is an alarming statistic considering the sparseness of the local population.

Substance abuse treatment

  • In 2005- 2015 South Dakota Total Substance Abuse Admissions in the age of 12 and older
  • For substance abuse disorder nearly 12056 people receive treatment
S.NoName of the drug Number people received treatmentPercentage

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a major problem for people in the state. The state government takes many effective actions in order to keep their people away from all these kinds of negative activities. They open many treatment centers and avail varies kinds of therapies to help their people. We addictionaide listed many treatment centers(what is relapse prevention plan) near your area and you can even call us for a free assessment.

Current captions about Drug abuse in South Dakota


In 2016, nearly 69 total drug overdose deaths

Opioid prescriptions

In 2015, nearly 582000 opioid prescriptions were written by providers.


In 2016, nearly 42 opioid-related deaths

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