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Drug Rehab Centers In Ohio

Drug Rehab Centers In Ohio

Ohio is a Midwestern state located in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Among the 50 states in the USA, Ohio is the 34th largest and the 7th most populous & 10th mostly dense state. The largest city of the state is Columbus and it is the capital too. It is bordered by Pennsylvania in the east, Michigan in the northwest, Lake Erie in the north, on the west side by Indiana, to the south by Kentucky and in the southwest direction by West Virginia. The state takes its name from the Ohio River. It is an industrial state ranks 8th among the 50 states in GDP(2015) and is the second largest producer of automobiles behind Michigan.

These are the top cities in Ohio:

S.NoName of the citiesPopulationLatitude/Longitude
1Columbus850,10639.961 / -82.999
2Cleveland388,07241.499 / -81.695
3Cincinnati296,94339.127 / -84.514
4Toledo279,78941.664 / -83.555
5Akron197,54241.081 / -81.519

Most commonly abused drugs

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opioid prescription drugs
  • Meth

Substance Abuse Statistics

  • An increased percent of 20.5% has been observed in the overdose cases on 2014 and it claims the life of 3,050 Ohio residents in 2015 on accidental drug overdoses.
  • Heroin is found as the single greatest drug threat in the state of Ohio by the Law enforcement agencies.
  • Across the nation, the state has a city named Dayton, which ranks in the number one position for the drug overdoses.
  • Since 1999 in the city of Chillicothe the death ratio has been more than doubled for the alcohol-related issues.
  • The state has many wholesale drug distribution hubs in Toledo, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland, not only for the state particularly they were the hub for a good portion of the Midwest region
  • Every year thousands of deaths in Ohio were caused due to the uncontrolled overdose of Cocaine(crack cocaine symptoms), heroin, benzodiazepines, prescription opioids and fentanyl reach its pinnacle.
  • Ohio is the most impacted states in USA opioid epidemic in 2015 for 259 opioid deaths.As the usage of these drugs like fentanyl and carfentanil becomes more common, the opioid related death ratios has been increasing continuously.
  • Due to the limitations on risky medications in the state, the use of opioids were randomly increased in the states and there were many problems due to its overdose
  • About 793 pain pills were described in 2012 and the number of pain pills prescribing has been gradually reduced since after that.
  • According to CDC about 2.2% of adults in ohio reported driving after drinking in the past 30 days. In the year 2012 the states average on drunk driving fatalities surpassed the national average.
  • In 2016, due to drug overdose about 4,050 Ohio residents died, according to the report by the Ohio Department of Health.
  • According to the news report by NBC, the state is on the track, by the end of 2018 it would reach 10,000 opioid overdoses, which is a higher number in the entire nation.
  • About 6 in 8 regions of the state, it has been observed that the availability and use of fentanyl has been increased in the first half of 2017.
  • On 168 drug related death issues about 77.4% is found to be due the presence of Fentanyl on Jan-June 2017 by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office.

Substance abuse treatment

  • In 2005- 2015 Ohio Total Substance Abuse Admissions in the age of 12 and older
  • For substance abuse disorder nearly 39046 people receive treatment

Age 18 And Older

S.NoName of the drug Number people received treatmentPercentage

Do you think traveling out of the state is the right choice for you?

Of course, you may find several benefits for enrolling in alcohol or drug rehab centers out of your state, that includes:

  • Enhanced privacy of care
  • Buffer from stresses at your home
  • Potentially higher-quality care than local rehabilitation centers
  • Increased therapeutic options
  • Intensified focus on the rehabilitation process
  • Removal from triggering circumstances

In order to get you or your loved ones like back on the right track, there are multiple of a drug rehab centers in ohio. If you're reading this blog you or you are loved may be worried about your addiction to substances like alcohol or other sorts of drug that damages your health worse. If you are a resident of Alabama and addicted to the substances, now it's the right time to find the best addiction rehabilitation centers that based on accreditation, positive experiences, proven techniques, effective treatment programs, successful outcomes, comprehensive and quality care.

SAMHSA’s National Helpline


If you are struggling with addiction, SAMHSA helps you to find local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations.​

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Addiction aide provides confidential drug abuse assessment and treatment placement tailored to your individual needs. Achieve Long-term recovery, give us a call or fill out the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.​

Find a way to your recovery

The overdose related issues were common in the state. The state government works for the welfare of the people and open many treatment centers in and around Ohio, by joining hands with some private organization. They often provide some awareness to people on the addiction. We addictionaide listed many treatment centers around your area, you can choose the best therapy from the list of amenities listed in our center page, give us a call for a free assessment.

Current captions about Drug abuse in Ohio

Drug Deaths 

In 2016, 4149 Overdose deaths


In 2015, 2590 Opioid  Overdose deaths.


Nearly 3637 Drunk driving fatalities from 2003-2012

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