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Drug Rehab Centers In Kentucky

Drug Rehab Centers In Kentucky

Kentucky officially known as the Commonwealth of Kentucky a state which is located in the east south-central region of the United States. Among the four U.S. states which is constituted as commonwealth, Kentucky is one along with Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Kentucky is the 26th most populous and 37th most extensive state among the 50 United States. Due to the pastures found in the fertile soil, it is nick named as “Bluegrass State”. The two major cities in the state were Louisville and Lexington.

These are the top cities in Alabama:

S.NoName of the citiesPopulationLatitude/Longitude
1Lexington314,48838.05 / -84.459
2Meads288,64938.413 / -82.709
3Ironville288,64938.456 / -82.692
4Louisville243,63938.254 / -85.759
5Lexington225,36637.989 / -84.478

Most commonly abused substance in Kentucky

  • Opiate
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana

Substance abuse in Kentucky

  • The state spends an average of 10.7% of its budget on drug addiction.
  • An average of 7 cents in one dollar goes for the treatment and prevention of drug and alcohol addiction.
  • For the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction, nearly 92cents of every dollar is spent.
  • The state records 3rd highest overdose rate in the country.
  • The most of the overdose death rates in the state were recorded due to the usage of prescribed drugs and by the usage of heroin(Symptoms of Heroin Addiction), it is about 21percent.
  • There has been an increase of 650% on the death rates due to an overdose of drugs in recent years.

Below are a few 2015 statistics concerning Kentucky residents 12 years old and up

  • Nearly 58,000 people of the state were reported with the use of cocaine past-year.
  • Heroin usage rates were far higher than the national average in the year of about 0.55% vs. 0.33% and it is approximately 20,000.
  • The estimated amount of alcohol dependence in the state is about 104,000.
  • For alcohol addiction, nearly 206,000 individuals met the criteria.
    • The above mentioned were the statistics recorded in the particular year 2015

      • From 2013–2014, about 15,000 people from the ages of 12 to 17 (about 4.3 percent of the age group) used painkillers for nonmedical reasons. Kentucky teens using pain pills to get high are at an increased risk of overdose and addiction.
      • Of those aged 12 and up in Kentucky, roughly 202,000 people (5.5 percent of the age group) were dependent on or abused alcohol from 2013–2014.
      • In Kentucky, roughly 96,000 people aged 12 and up (about 2.6 percent of the age group) abused or were dependent on illicit substances.
      • Only about 15,000 people aged 12 and older received alcohol treatment in Kentucky each year from 2010–2014. That’s only about 8.2 percent of those struggling with addiction in the state.
      • Drug-related overdose deaths in Kentucky quadrupled between 2001 and 2014. By 2016, fatal drug overdoses reached the highest rate yet at nearly 24 lives per 100,000 residents, a number almost double the national rate. This increases the need for drug rehab centers in kentucky
      • In 2012, Heroin-related overdose death rates have more than doubled.
      • Synthetic opioid-related overdose deaths—particularly from fentanyl—have more than quadrupled.
      • It has been recorded that it has been
      • In 2016 the overdose death rates have been recorded as 45percent and the most used substance was morphine

Substance abuse treatment

  • In Kentucky, nearly 19,001 people received treatment for a substance use disorder in 2015.
S.NoName of the drug Number people received treatmentPercentage

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Find a way to your recovery

However, the state is popular for its fertile soil and culture, addiction is the biggest problem that is faced by this state. Even the government helps its people with various strategy. The state provides many government and private treatment centers for the people to make use for their addiction recovery process. Addictionaide list the best treatment centers nearby with all their amenities and features, you can give a call speak with our counselor, to choose the best type of which suits you. Even if you wish to travel outside of your place to avail the treatment and counseling you can check the center details on Addictionaide.

Current captions about Drug abuse in Kentucky

Overdose deaths

In 2016, people aged 35 to 44 had the largest number of overdose deaths.


Heroin was present in about 34 % of overdose deaths.


Nearly 47 % of overdose deaths occurred due to abuse of fentanyl, either by itself or in a mixture of heroin.

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