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Diamond House Detox

Diamond house detox is to break free from a drug or alcohol addiction can be an intense process. Although with the privacy you’ll experience at Diamond House Detox, you can find freedom in luxurious accommodations that offer you personal space for rest and reflection. These programs may seek to provide comfortable surroundings, there’s something to be said about the private rooms and intimate settings you’ll experience with us. Diamond House Detox can be emotionally and physically draining, so finding a space where you can confront these feelings in comfort is essential to a successful recovery. Not only do we provide a place that’s entirely your own, but we also create an intimate environment where we can address your individual concerns, goals, and progress.


    Medical Detox
    Outpatient Treatment
    Inpatient Treatment
    Substance Abuse And Mental Illness
    Sober Living Houses
    Dual Diagnosis
    IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)


    24/7 Care Takers
    Private Rooms
    Physical Activities
    Peaceful Environment
    Qualified Medical Practices


    Family Counselling
    Spiritual Therapy
    Recreational Therapy
    Drug And Alcohol Screening



Each journey is a little bit different. At Diamond House Detox, we provide various lengths of treatments, depending on your needs. Typically, these range from seven- to 10-day detoxes to 30 days of intensive inpatient recovery treatment.

Rehab cannot technically cure addiction, as it is a chronic disease. Because of the complex way that alcohol and drug addictions change brain structure and function, successfully completing rehab and treatment does not mean a client is cured in the traditional sense. However, rehab does help an addict cleanse their system of substance abuse and equips them with the tools, strategies and support system necessary to recover and stay sober following addiction treatment. This is particularly true in the case of Diamond House Detox, as we follow a medically-monitored detox strategy using evidence-based treatment options. We are also unique for our treatment of co-occurring disorders, as we target both a client’s drug or alcohol addiction and any underlying mental illnesses triggering their substance abuse. Our dual diagnosis targeting approach has created a therapy system that, while not a cure, is proven to help clients stay in recovery once their rehab is complete.


Diamond House Detox

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