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In Azure Acres drug addiction center, we believe that alcoholism and other forms of addiction are chronic, relapsing illnesses that necessitate abstinence. Persons who have become addicted, attempting to use substances in a controlled manner will inevitably lead back to biological, psychological, and spiritual distress. In this center, we believe that abstinence alone is an insufficient response to the disease of addiction. For genuine results and lasting improvement, individuals must embrace the process of recovery and establish a commitment to the principles and practices of the 12-Step model of recovery. Finally, our approach is based upon the belief that, in order to be most effective, addiction treatment must be a holistic experience that addresses and encompasses the individual’s mind, body, and spirit. Embracing concepts such as surrender, honesty, humility, and acceptance is a crucial part of the effort to transcend the limitations of substance abuse and other self-destructive behaviors.


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Addiction rehabilitation is a highly personal experience, and the costs associated with treatment depend upon a number of issues. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the area, and our drug and alcohol treatment programs are covered by most insurance plans and union benefit plans.

All of our clinical staff hold alcohol and drug counseling certifications, and the majority of our staff has been in recovery for many years themselves. For more information, please visit our staff page. This is particularly true in the case of Diamond House Detox, as we follow a medically monitored detox strategy using evidence-based treatment options. We are also unique for our treatment of co-occurring disorders, as we target both a client’s drug or alcohol addiction and any underlying mental illnesses triggering their substance abuse. Our dual diagnosis targeting approach has created a therapy system that, while not a cure, is proven to help clients stay in recovery once their rehab is complete.


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