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The journey towards substance abuse recovery starts with your first step. It’s not easy, but with the help of a trusted addiction treatment center in North Carolina, the recovery process becomes more manageable. First Step NC is one of North Carolina’s trusted rehab centers, specializing in intensive Outpatient Programs for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. Our team is highly trained in the areas of continuing care and aftercare for patients who have completed their residential, inpatient, and hospital programs With our license from the State of North Carolina, our center offers a single point of access for an extensive range of outpatient services.


    Cocaine Detox
    Substance Abuse And Mental Illness
    Sober Living Houses
    Dual Diagnosis
    Medication Assisted Treatment
    Substance Abuse Treatment
    IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)


    24/7 Care Takers
    Private Rooms
    Physical Activities
    Peaceful Environment
    Qualified Medical Practices
    Meditation And Mindfulness


    Recreational Therapy
    12 Step Recovery
    Family Counselling
    Group Therapy
    Dual Diagnosis Therapy



First Step, LLC provides Intensive Outpatient and General Outpatient aftercare for people completing and returning home from inpatient programs & hospitals across the country. We provide intensive group therapy, continuing care, family counseling, individual counseling, and other services as needed. The goal is to continue treatment and recovery while one transition back into community living, returning to work, and resuming a “normal” lifestyle after completing inpatient or hospitalization.

Monday-Friday 7:15-8:15
By being in-network, we help our patients & clients not have to risk the pitfalls of using an out of network provider. If you lose your insurance or are no longer authorized after some sessions, we reduce your cost to our typical “hardship rate” which is significantly lower than the insurance contracted rates. If you lose your job and are no longer able to pay anything, we will discuss options with you. We can usually work out a financial plan that works both for you and First Step.


Triangle Springs

Triangle springs 10901 World trade Boulevard Rayleigh ,NC 27617

+1 919-535-4619


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