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Principles Recovery Center
Principles Recovery Center is boastfully a family-owned and operated drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Broward County, Florida. Whether its heroin, cocaine, liquor or any other substance addiction, Principles Recovery Center’s family environment offers you, your friends and family with the kindest care. If your loved one is admitted to Principles, they become part of their family.
They believe in small community size, along with small treatment groups to ensure each client receives as much one-on-one attention as possible. They look at drug abuse as a life or death situation, as does the strong majority of our community.
They believe in transparency. Their core focus is a commitment to clinical excellence and client care. They invest heavily in the best evidence-based practices, evaluating and securing top clinical talent, and providing our clients with an individualized treatment method.


    Medical Detox
    Outpatient Treatment
    Dual Diagnosis
    Aftercare Support
    Partial Hospitalization Program


    24/7 Care Takers
    Private Rooms
    Physical Activities
    Peaceful Environment
    Qualified Medical Practices
    Meditation And Mindfulness


    Family Therapy
    Group Therapy
    Individual Therapy
    Family Counselling
    Dual Diagnosis Therapy

Insurance Accepted



There are many effects that can result from long-term habitual substance abuse, and a number of these effects are related to chemical changes in the brain. When the brain is continually experiencing abnormal neurochemical levels, an individual may experience irregular and unpredictable mood swings that could escalate to outright anger. Since these kinds of outbursts are relatively common effects of long-term substance abuse, Principles Recovery Center offers anger management support to patients enrolled in one of our programs. This allows us to help patients find healthy ways to express their emotions while teaching them strategies to vent their anger in productive endeavors.

The experience of being in the throes of active addiction is completely different from what it’s like to be in long-term recovery. Individuals who are ill-equipped for lasting sobriety often experience a form of culture shock once they return home, which is why Principles Recovery Center works hard to make sure each of our patients becomes comfortable and confident in recovery. We call this our acculturation.


Principles Recovery Center

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