5 Effective Yoga Breathing Exercises For Balance & Health

Table ContentIntroduction Kapalbhatti (the detoxifying breathing therapy) Anulom Vilom (breathing with alternate nostrils) Belly ...

How Anxiety Can Affect Your Addiction Recovery

Table ContentIntroduction Anxiety and substance abuse Treatment of anxiety and addiction recovery How anxiety affects your addiction ...

How Music Therapy Can Help Improve Mental Health

Table ContentIntroduction How else music therapy is Beneficial? Music therapy and sound healing Music Therapy in children...

How To Spot The Signs Of Addiction In Your Patients

 Table ContentIntroduction Neglect Erratic Behaviour Ask your patient directly ConclusionIntroduction: As a ...

What Are The Major 10 Reasons For Failure In Early Recover?

Table ContentIntroduction Being Around Others Who abuses substances Ambivalence Boredom and Loneliness Complacency ...

Know How James Marx Struggled In His Earlier Stage Of Recovery

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj_TpWxHNfw&feature=youtu.be In my recovery, I’d say I’m in the earliest of early stages. I’m starting to face the fact ...

Tom Buczkowski – Explains how the recovery process leads a way to his soberity

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAt5at4uck8&feature=youtu.beHaving an addiction is different than “doing drugs.” There are many different levels of ...

The Need For Counseling In Addiction Recovery

Table ContentIntroduction Counselling and Millions of People Why Counselling? How important is counseling in addiction recovery? ...

10 Ways To Find Rehab Centers In Los Angeles

Table ContentIntroduction Holding CARF Accreditation Insurance coverage Find types of payments Environment Meet the Substance ...

5 Serious Signs Highlighting Your Drinking Problems

Table ContentIntroduction Alcohol abuse Isolated drinking Drinking first in the morning Binge drinking Increased tolerance to ...

Nutrition On Addiction Recovery

Recovering from addiction and staying sober is a life healing process. There may be an imbalance in the naturally segregating hormones. Taking proper diet and ...

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