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How To Keep Your Mental Health In Check During COVID-19

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  • 02 Sep 2020
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The current pandemic has forced us to stay stuck in our homes and limit our outdoor trips to prevent the spread of the virus. It has not only gotten us worried about our physical health but has taken a toll on our regular routines and created a commotion in our social lives. At such perilous times, taking care of our mental health is a bigger priority than ever.

Tips To Keep Your Mental Health In Check During The Quarantine.

Manage Expectations

Nobody foresaw this pandemic and the emotional and cognitive load it would bring. The long periods of quarantine may have rendered our 2020 plans useless and negatively impacted our productivity, but make sure to take it easy. As this is the new normal for now, you need to learn to set realistic goals and adapt to the current situation.

Try To Avoid Stress

Stress can be detrimental to your mental health. To manage your stress better, try to prioritize sleep, and build a solid routine for sleeping and waking up. Make sure to eat well and steer clear of indulgences such as alcohol, which can have long-term effects. It is also essential to work out at home to maintain your physical and mental health and improve your sleeping habits.

Know Your Triggers

In times like these, it is normal for you to have negative thoughts or feelings. Feelings of sadness or frustration, along with physical anomalies such as upset tummy and jitters, may amplify your emotional spirals. While you may not be able to control these emotions completely, you can stop them from aggravating. Whenever you feel an onset of negative emotions, learn to break the loop by taking deep breaths, meditating, and indulging in other activities such as painting or Yoga. Many people that experience consistent mental health issues

Create A Routine

Even though you are confined to your living room, creating a rigid work and non-work routine can help you deal with anxiety better and maintain your mental health. It is best to create firm distinctions in your mind as well as your physical workspace. You could find something that you love and indulge in that activity while you aren’t working. Also, make sure to take some short breaks in between your work to clarify your thoughts.

Practice Compassion

Although there are many aspects of the pandemic you cannot control, you can learn to control your thoughts and deal with distress. You may be flooded with overwhelming thoughts that can bring your mental health down. Quarantine may cause a lot of stress in your life, but you can practice compassion and learn to be kind to yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it and reach out to others when they need help.

Maintain Social Relations

Humans are social animals, and one of the things that keep us grounded is our ability to maintain relations with other people. Even though the contagion asks us to stay away from humanity as much as possible, just picking up your phones and texting your loved ones can maintain your sense of community.

Be Grateful

It can be quite challenging during these hard times to be grateful, especially if you’ve been hit hard by the pandemic and have lost your job or your business. However, being grateful for the things that you still have has been proven to help immensely with your mental health. Some studies have shown that writing down five things you’re grateful for every week increases your mental well-being.

Go Outside

Even though it is safest to stay indoors, take the time to go outdoors for a walk while practicing safety measures. Taking a walk in the park or nature has been shown to impact your physical and mental health positively. Spending time around the color green can help reduce depression and anxiety. While out, remember to maintain a distance of six feet or more from other passersby.


Now that you’re working from home, this is one of the best times for you to work on your home and keep it fresh and decluttered. By cleaning your workspace and your home, you bring some clarity in these uncertain times and help your mind deal with the stress better. Cleaning up your apartment during your free time can help give you a sense of control as well.

Go Easy On Yourself To Have Good Mental Health

Not everything goes your way, and you may have missed out on many opportunities during the global pandemic. Instead of beating yourself up for everything that isn’t working out, try to remain positive and productive. This is one of the best times for you to reflect on the important things in life and remember that this is temporary.

Find A Way To Recovery

Scientists and researchers worldwide are fighting to find a cure for the virus, and you can do your part by staying indoors and working on your well-being. As the pandemic threatens our existence, the important thing is not to lose hope and take care of your mental health.