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Another Relapse? Here Is How You Can Overcome A Relapse

Another Relapse? Here Is How You Can Overcome A Relapse


Relapse is a phase, once being an addict recovered from that addiction and due to some situations if they again fall back into the same or different kind of drug or alcohol addiction. It is the recurrence of any disease that has gone into recovery. Relapse is common as the addict may feel scared, disappointed, confused, or unsure of what to do next. It’s time to face the challenge by lifting yourself up and begin back on the road to recovery or Relapse prevention. 

Recovering addicts falling into relapse before the complete recovery is a reality. Though the relapse disappoints the family and friends of the person who is in the stage of recovery, professionals involved in the treatment process consider relapse as just an additional factor. It gives a better chance for the person to stay sober throughout their lifetime. Many of them hide their relapse because of the extensive Relapse prevention treatments given to them for another addiction. So in practice, it is not true, really all the treatments and the recovery centers you approach actually helps you from your sufferings and guides you the exact Relapse prevention treatment path which suits you and they play a significant role in helping you out of the relapse. So there is nothing so guilt to feel about it or afraid of things when you are going for a treatment or considering some alignments to get away from relapse and being sober.

Do You Think Relapse Is A Failure?

Do You Think Relapse Is A Failure

No! A big no, for many of them this happens, due to some avoidable circumstances. But thinking them as a failure is really not gonna help. It’s good you fall and rise immediately, this strengthens you more and push you forward towards sobriety. You will know to learn out the way that you should be away from to make your more positive and relieved from lots of stress. Many individuals and the rehab centers view this as a successful one in the recovery process. So never feel guilty in exposing you relapse, definitely, your loved ones around you will surely understand your struggle and lead a grateful path towards your recovery. Always it’s good to learn from a mistake.

How You Can Overcome A Relapse? (Relapse Prevention)

How to help an addict? There are several methods that can help the addict to overcome relapse, these methods will work for many and we are glad to share these points in our blog.

How You Can Overcome A Relapse

1.Response Immediately Towards Relapse

Immediate Relapse prevention treatment is necessary. Delaying the response for days or weeks towards relapse may simply compound the matter and prolong your relapse. Do not underestimate yourself. Don’t allow this short time failure to ruin your longtime goal. Try to step yourself for resuming your recovery (Relapse prevention). Acknowledge that you had simply slipped and try to double your efforts to beat the cravings or urges you have towards addiction-related behaviors.

2. Change Your Friends

Try to avoid the surroundings or people who tempt or draw you towards the drug. Changing the friends is the initial step towards recovery after a relapse. Triggers may be terribly a powerful influence in the life of an addict. Being with a friend who has the habit of consuming drugs may directly or indirectly influence you to use the drug at a time of celebration that may pull you towards the use of pills or any other drugs. Indulge yourself in a nearby library where drug use is prohibited instead of being around with the same friends. Add the people in your friend list only after getting their ideas and views about the drug abuse.

3.Deal With Your Depression

Addiction is defined as a biopsychosocial disease. The development of addiction includes factors like biological, psychological, and social or environmental. Depression is incredibly common among alcoholics, particularly among women during both at the time of Relapse prevention treatment and recovery. After the time of relapse, it’s even more difficult to deal with women with depression. These depression problems can be sorted out by the psychologist or recovery counselor. Since the Depression won’t flee on its own, effective preparation is required to work through the feelings of depression. How to manage stress and anxiety? Dealing with stress, anxiety or depression by talking about your issues with a counselor and interacting with others in a constructive way to handle the depression. Getting skilled facilitates and support of others is the best idea for the addict to start after relapse.

4. Fight Over Social Pressures

There is enormous social pressure for the alcohol recovery addict. Drinking is represented as fun and socially acceptable in advertisements for liquor, brew, and wine. For some recovering alcoholics, even the smell of alcohol or the sound of ice cubes in the glass raises the temptations to drink. This temptation never allows the patient to think about the mess alcoholism caused in their life. Self-control and willpower are most essential to fight over social or peer pressure. Preventing yourself from addiction-related behavior is not an easy deal. A better plan is required to avoid drug use as it leads to serious health consequences.

5.Seek A Better Support System

Another common reason for relapse is the lack of a support system. Without the support system, the addict will be at an increased rate of risk. Self-sufficiency is the required term to overcome the relapse. For some addicts support of their fellow group is the only way to make them overcome their difficult times. Some of the group tries to change the direction of the addict by providing job counseling or training seminars. The support group also does not expect anything in return except the willingness of the addict to walk on the track of recovery. Select the best support system that are there to help you with the necessary facilities that comfort you to move your future and make your stay from the circumstances that influence addiction in you. Try to have a job or routine tasks that make you engage throughout your day, without having any distractions.

6. Stay Positive

stay positive

Staying positive always matters a lot for your inner peace and external activities. When you feel relaxed, you are definitely away from all the tensions, depressions, and worrying situations, this will obviously help you to stay away from relapse. Try to concentrate on mindfulness through Yoga and Meditation, find yourself a comfort area in a park nearby you or an area in your house, practice meditation and yoga, keep it as a regular habit for staying more positive and energetic.

7.Replace Bad habits

In the path of addiction, you would have influenced by some bad habits. Replace those negative habits with good habits. If you are not the best one to decide what’s most appropriate then pick the two solutions given by the recovery experts. One is to develop an encouraging relationship with the sponsor and the other is to attend the 12 step group program. Both solutions help to face the self-pity, complacency, and dishonesty. Eat nutritious meals for a healthy diet, exercise regularly that helps your body and your mind to feel good, aim for a good sleep, and talk freely with someone you trust.

8.Good Sleep

A good sleep always matters for a fresh mind and soul. It helps yourself to be healthy and stay positive. Having a good healthy sleep is a life support system for you to feel energetic and makes you away from stress and mood swings. Stick to a regular sleep schedule so that you can concentrate on your regular activity perfectly. Find an effective way like listening to positive music or reading books which can enhance your sleep. Try to avoid large meals and foods like caffeine in the night which hinders your sleep. If you have sleep issues in your relapse process try to take advice from your consultant, get away from those foods which are bad for good night’s sleep.

Bottom line:

Each day of your life is a new step towards the right path. Even if you are in the recovery phase after relapse, never underestimate yourself. Try to learn from the fall and lift yourself up, face the challenges, consequences, nobody can mold you better than yourself, seek help for your loved ones, they will always be there to support you at your bad times and they wish you to return to your normal life. Relapse  is just a factor in the step towards recovery and it’s very common for many to get into relapse after their recovery process due to their circumstances, the resistibility ratios and etc. Whenever you fall to have it in mind, you are going to raise bigger and bigger. Overcome it and continue your recovery process with determination and pride. Learn from your mistakes, be yourself a self examiner and consultant, this will take you a long way in your recovery process (Relapse prevention).

Last Update : June 25, 2021


Can you leave the rehabilitation center?

You can leave the rehab any time, no one will compel you to stay at the rehab. However, dedication and continued treatment are required to fight addiction and achieve a sober life.

What are the Stages of Addiction?

There are various stages of addictions. The initial stage is the functioning individual with the addiction. The most common scenario is they have a job and their relationships are intact, but their health is depleting slowly because of their dependence.

What are narcotics and why people get it?

Narcotic analgesics (painkillers) are drugs that can reduce pain, cause numbness and/ or induce a state of unconsciousness. They have the tendency to cause tolerance and addiction

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  1. Its really hard to be away from the drugs.In 1998 i started my relapse on addition to cocaine and i used alcohol too. But now after recovering from I sharing my story with everyone and how good is to be sober. I am away from drugs for the last 10 years and thanks addictionaide to list the reality of relapse.

  2. Relapse can occur to anybody, if they continue to be in the same circle of friends and environment.”Seeking a better support system” is really a good idea. Great article to read.

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  4. After reading this article I came to know that bad habit will be a big enemy during my relapse. I will definitely replace my bad habits and bad surroundings.

  5. Hi,
    This line is absolutely correct.
    (Try to avoid the surroundings or people who tempt or draw you towards the drug. Changing the friends is the initial step towards the recovery after a relapse. )
    Even I had bad surroundings.