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Addiction Treatment For Your Father

Addiction Treatment For Your Father

Alcoholic father could disrupt family functioning by causing instability; neglecting the responsibilities of a father; he could cause financial hardships as well. Most importantly, alcoholism disrupts and breaks relationships between parents and children. It is a widely known fact that maternal drinking will affect right from fetal development. But, even fathers who consume alcohol can affect a baby at conception. Not merely physical health, but there are other risks associated with growing up in an alcoholic family, especially with an alcoholic father. The consequences of alcohol addiction by the father could affect the individual right from childhood socially, emotionally, and cognitively. 

A research study by Jarmas, A. L., & Kazak, A. E. (1992) show that the offspring of alcoholic fathers will show a higher degree of introjective depression compared with offspring of nonalcoholic. Paternal alcoholism will also be associated with the development of aggressive defenses. Young adult children of alcoholic fathers will perceive their families of origin differently from young adults from nonalcoholic families. Alcoholic families will be described as more conflictual, less communicative, more isolated, more achievement-oriented, and less clearly organized. 

Growing up with an alcoholic or drug-addicted father, you might be overly controlled, hyper-vigilant, untrusting individuals denying your own feelings while experiencing chronic guilt. Also, continuing to live with an alcoholic father can cripple your mental health and could put you at the risk of you developing an addiction yourself at a later point in your life. And which is why it becomes significant for you to know how to help your alcoholic father and how to help yourself. 

You might be looking for ways to make your father consider addiction treatment. If not for him, for you. 

The family offers the primary support for any treatment related to health issues, and that includes substance abuse as well. Most often, people think rehab treatment focus is on the individual. Still, research studies point out that the family-oriented treatment approach is emerging as a dominant theme with the practice today since the social support offered by the family empowers the person to fight the addiction. 

First and foremost, addiction treatment helps to address an unhealthy communication pattern with your father. Talking to your father is your first step in moving your father towards addiction therapy. 

Express your emotions and thoughts to your family. This step could help other members in your family to lead towards a journey of recovery and self-discovery.  

Choose a place and time where your father is not currently drinking. The confrontation could become emotional. So it is ideal for practicing what you’re going to say before you mean it.  

If you find it challenging to initiate the conversation with your father, seek professional help rather than handling it all by yourself. 


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  1. Although drug and alcohol addiction does begin when a person makes the choice to use drugs it is not just the abuse of the drugs themselves.

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