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7 Easy Ways To Manage Stress Without Drugs And Alcohol

What Is Stress?

Stress and drug treatment centers are more intertwined words. Stress is also known as both physical or mental pressure in an individual’s body and the way of reacting to any sort of demand or threat. A person’s body reacts according to their thought, mind, and body. An individual may face a different kind of demands such as facing problems with relationships, work,  finances, and other situations, but anything that poses a real difficulty or threat to an individual’s health can cause pressure or stress. Many people experience stress when there is an imbalance between the demands being made on them and their support to cope with those requirements.

An individual’s body generates immense quantities of the chemicals noradrenaline, adrenaline, and cortisol. These cause enhanced sweating, increased muscle preparedness, heart rate, and vigilance. All these factors can develop the capability to react to dangerous or challenging circumstances.

Why Do People Develop Stress?

Stress is unavoidable in a busy and modern life, especially due to the development of technology. Not only just because of a global computer network that provides a wide range of information in a person’s fingertips, but communication between one people to other people through cell phones, emails, direct messaging and transport too has greatly advanced and enhance more accessible to an individual traveling to a  different place for the day to do an instant presentation before coming back to home again. Even though a person may feel comfortable and lives easier by involving in these kinds of factors, but eventually, these circumstances can create a high level of pressure and stress to an individual person. The best advice about what we brief in this blog – to avoid stress with some major topics and at one point consulting with your doctor who was in the drug treatment centers is also necessary.

What Is The Type Of Stress?

Stress can be confused because there are 3 various sorts of stress like Acute stress, Episodic acute stress, and chronic stress. Consequently, a person with these kinds of stress needs different levels of interventions, control, and mental, emotional, or intellectual, treatment approach due to an individual’s lifestyle, history, atmosphere, coping support, and character.

1. Acute stress

Acute stress is a common kind of stress which is also called psychological shock, mental shock, simply shock, or acute stress disorder. This type of stress occurs from the tensions and demands of a person’s recent events, near-miss automobile accident, expected requirements and pressures in a short period of time, an argument with relationships or an expensive error at work affects a person’s body to changes on this biological response.

These are the symptoms of acute stress:

  • A person may have muscular stress in jaw, back, or neck
  • Emotional pain, such as feeling upset, worried or negative thoughts
  • Stomach irritation, such as indigestion, illness or dysentery
  • Sweating, particularly in a person’s forehead, palms,  or underarms
  • Shortness of breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat due to anxiety, or struggle

2. Episodic Acute Stress

A person who often experience acute stress frequently lives a life of confusion and pressure. People with episodic acute stress, seem to be ill-humored, annoyed, and anxious. A person who tends to remain extremely on pressure, pessimistic, or person tends to view the negative side of everything also leads to have episodic acute stress. Even this stress can be often created by practicing on too much at one time and repeating several stressful things in the same way, the signs can be quite as dangerous, and these continuous stressful situations can lead a person to psychological and physical difficulties.

These are the symptoms of episodic acute stress:

  • Chest pain, and high blood pressure
  • Migraines headaches that occur on a daily basis
  • Continuous feelings of staying on the edge
  • Short-tempered
  • Depression
  • Problems in a personal relationship
  • fatigue syndrome or difficulty sleeping

3. Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is the most dangerous kind of pressure. If a person experiences chronic stress and left untreated for a prolonged period of time, this stress can naturally and frequently irrevocably worsen a person’s mental health and harm an individual’s physical health. People may undergo this long-term stress when they face critical situations like, when an individual remains in a dysfunctional family, long term poverty, a person is unemployed, addicted to substance abuse like drugs or alcohol,  bad work atmosphere, or an unhealthy relationship between couples can cause significant chronic pressure.

These are the symptoms of chronic stress:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Lung disease
  • Increase or reduction in weight
  • Stomach pains
  • Cardiovascular disorder
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Some kinds of cancer
  • Substance abuse addiction

What Is The Link Between Stress And Substance Abuse?

Stress occurs in multiple states and with various consequences. When an individual undergoing short-term pressure which is also called acute stress, like attending the exams or some painful feelings like having negative thoughts. Long-term pressure which is also called chronic stress, such as problems between a relationship or undergoing pain after your loved one’s death, can change a person’s both physical and mental health such as distress, anxiety, and personality disorders,  cardiovascular disorders, including heart attack, hypertension, abnormal heart rhythms, and stroke.

If a person does not have the ability to deal with stress or pressure in a positive way, they may effectively turn to substances like alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to attempt to reduce their stress. Regrettably, in order to relieve the stress and restore an individual’s body to a healthy condition, these kinds of substances manage to keep the body in a stressful situation and cause further problems like addiction, which will eventually make a person’s state worse.

How Does Stress Or Pressure Affect A Person’s Health?

Each and every person’s system is designed to endure stress and respond to the type of stress. It can be both positive (eustress) and negative (distress). Positive stress or pressure is a response such as when a person is appointed to a higher post in his/her workplace or they may be assigned higher responsibilities that keeps a person to remain alert and able to avoid risk. Some people face a negative way of stress such as when an individual involves in facing constant challenges without any kind of relaxation or relief between hurdles. As a consequence, experiencing both positive and negative ways makes a person overburdened and stress-related anxiety increases. Drug treatment centers play a major role and help most of the people to step out of the stress level and helps them to lead a happy life.

What Can Be Done To Control Stress Without Substance Abuse?

No one lives a stress-free life including every grown-up, teens, and even children. In order to escape from stress, many people abuse substance like alcohol or other sorts of a drug such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, and medication pills which can give them relief only for a short period of time. When the joy of abusing these substances is gone the person will again experience the stress or pressure. So an individual will undergo this feeling until he/she cope with it effectively. Consequently, it is essential that people should learn to cope with pressure without abusing a substance, and when you try any healthy ways to recover from stress the effort will be well worthwhile. Even people can visit alcohol treatment centers or drug treatment centers to recover from substance abuse addiction and to live more healthily. Of course, once the patient starts treatment, they’ll be advised to avoid and forget their negative flashbacks and distance themselves from others who abuse a substance, but they require to be equipped to manage stress in healthy ways too. Getting quality of care and assistance can help decrease stressful symptoms and feelings.

Here Are Some Healthy Ways To Overcome Stress Without Substance Abusing Drug And Alcohol:

Tip 1. Exercise

Regular exercise not only keeps a person mentally fit but also can be very effective in relieving stress. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 14 percent of Americans practice exercise daily as a stress management tool.

How much a person should be engaged in exercise every week?

  • For good feeling: At least, an individual should be workout 3 to 5 times for 30 minutes.
  • For Better feeling: Exercise like a brisk walk for 2 hours and 30 minutes can give a person a better feeling.
  • For Best feeling: Add 75 minutes of a powerful activity like jogging, swimming laps, or other sports.

Tip 2. Well-Balanced and Healthy Diet

The type of food you eat will decide whether to improve or worsen your mood and change a person’s ability to cope with life’s pressures. In order to reduce the negative effects of stress on your body, intake energy, or healthy food items such as vegetables,  refined carbohydrates, fruits, omega-3 fatty acids, and lean sources of protein. When a person experiences stress, it negatively affects blood flow and blood pressure. Nutrients from fresh and healthy foods can help increase blood flow in a person’s system. But, fatty fast foods or meal that is high in sugar processed can increase a person to be more stressed.

Tip 3. Spend Time in Nature

When a person enjoys nature, experience fresh air, and can feel the sun shining on their skin, or even seeing beautiful scenes of nature, lessens irritation, anxiety, and stress, and all of their problems just seem to go away and builds pleasant feelings. When a person being in nature not only makes them feel better emotionally, although his/her body will remain physically fit, by decreasing muscle tension,  heart rate, blood pressure, and the production of stress hormones. Spending time in nature is also called as forest bathing, mindfulness in nature, ecotherapy, a treatment, green time, or the wilderness cure.

Tip 4. Get Some Restful Sleep

People may find it hard to fall or stay asleep if they are very stressed. Actually, stress can lead to insomnia by causing hyper-arousal both mentally and physically. When a person attains sufficient sleep, it will benefit better psychological functioning, including developed emotional control and cognitive methods such as attention, observation, and mindfulness. Sleeping well also helps overall physical well-being by altering a person’s body and physical strength, restoring the damage and increasing growth. Lack of sleep can decrease person energy and reduces mental clarity. He/she might discover that they can’t focus as efficiently without adequate sleep.

Tip 5. Positive thinking

One of the concepts most drug treatment centers insist on their patients is to stay more positive and have a good ethical view on leading a quality life. Here are some health benefits of positive outlook which tend to experience:

  • Mental health
  • Lessen depression
  • Living Longer
  • Better able to cope
  • Resistance to health problems

Tip 6. Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Goal-setting is a motivational tool that helps a person to seek their dreams and give ideas to remain productive. It designs a structure that enables a person to envision their victory and relieve stress. By setting out the plans for an individual’s better future, that allow themselves strongly control and therefore remove pressure throughout their success. And setting goals benefits an individual’s mental well-being that makes a person more responsible.

Tip 7. Healthy Conversation

When a person is feeling stressed then spent some time with family, friends, or your loved one. If there’s something that a person doesn’t need to discuss with friends or family, then visit some best rehabilitation center for mental illness and talk to your doctor or reach out to a professor, class teacher, or another trusted adult. And an individual person can talk to themselves. It’s named self-talk and each and every person does it. But in order to reduce a person’s stress you a person should make sure to have self- talk about positive things and not negative.

Bottom Line:

These tips for staying sober can help many individuals to overcome stress and addiction. However, if a person is having regular stress problems in spite of practicing all healthy ways and began to abuse a substance like a drug or alcohol. Visit an alcohol rehabilitation and drug treatment center and talk to a physician. And your substance abuse counselor will help a person recover from addiction, reframe a difficulty in a more positive way, lifting their spirits, and giving a  feeling that their clients are not alone in facing whatever is stressing them out.

Last Update : June 24, 2021


Can you leave the rehabilitation center?

You can leave the rehab any time, no one will compel you to stay at the rehab. However, dedication and continued treatment are required to fight addiction and achieve a sober life.

What are the Stages of Addiction?

There are various stages of addictions. The initial stage is the functioning individual with the addiction. The most common scenario is they have a job and their relationships are intact, but their health is depleting slowly because of their dependence.

What are narcotics and why people get it?

Narcotic analgesics (painkillers) are drugs that can reduce pain, cause numbness and/ or induce a state of unconsciousness. They have the tendency to cause tolerance and addiction

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