5 things that you should, and shouldn’t, bring to the rehabilitation center

Of course, choosing or searching for the Best alcohol or drug rehabilitation center for your addiction is the right decision. When you choose the best rehab center, they will be more committed in molding this period of transition with the utmost comfort. You will be definitely experiencing an adorable journey in the treatment center you choose by receiving a wide range of treatment modalities and methods. Each rehab center will hold its own criteria and rules, but in common, there are specific things that you should, and shouldn’t, bring to the rehabilitation center.

Some drug or alcohol treatment centers are extremely strict in terms of restricting what you are not permitted to bring. Bringing the right kind and the right amount of things can benefit you to enhance your comfort level during this challenging time and may even aid you to get along better with experts and anyone else staying in the rehabilitation center.

Today in this blog, we are going to discuss regarding what to bring and what not carry to a drug rehabilitation center.

Here is a common list of items that you have to bring when entering into the facility:

1. Clothing

Each and every piece of clothing you bring to a drug or alcohol treatment center should be easy and comfortable that doesn’t need dry cleaning or washed in a special way because most of the rehab will allow you or your loved one just 7 days worth of dresses, regardless the extent of your stay.

Here we have listed some general packing clothes to bring to the rehabilitation center:

  • At least one coat
  • One belt
  • Easy slippers
  • Seven pairs of clothes (shirts, undergarments, socks, pants)
  • Shorts (weather permitting)
  • Warm hats for winter weather
  • A bathrobe (for privacy)

2. Toiletry Items

Beyond clothing, you will also require to bring necessary toiletry items while staying at a rehabilitation center. While some rehabs may offer necessary items, but some of the centers may not provide. In such cases if you forget to bring any of the essential items, no worries! Your friends and family can send or bring you the forgotten things at any time. When you have your personal hygiene items from your residence, you may also feel more comfortable during your stay at the rehabilitation center.

We have listed below some the toiletry items  that you should bring to the best rehab center:

  • All the prescribed drugs that are carefully sealed and stored
  • Unopened over-the-counter medications
  • Shaving kits such as cream and pre-approved razors
  • Washing things such as soap and baskets
  • Calling cards
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair dryer
  • Tissues
  • Shampoo
  • Tooth care items
  • Alcohol-free mouthwash

3. Reading material

Yeah, of course, reading books can bring you joy and makes you feel comfortable, but choosing positive and inspirational materials will only help you to recover from addiction. In rehab, you will be permitted to bring your reading material like the Bible, Torah or Quran, while others can also bring their favorite books, magazines or historical works which give you happiness, enhances your knowledge, vision, creativity, writing skills, communication abilities, concentration and eventually reduces stress & panic. But avoid bringing depressing stories that could threaten your confidence and your strength to heal from drug or alcohol addiction.

4. A Journal Should Definitely Be on Your Packing List

When you go to the best or top most treatment center, you will spend your day on substance abuse programs or  therapy sessions in order to avoid the inevitable boredom, many rehabilitation centers assists you to systematically think about your recovery.  So they allow bringing your favorite pen or pencil and notebook or pad of paper with you which will help you to build new thoughts and ideas into your mind. Writing down your thoughts and feelings about your personal experiences can be extremely therapeutic and a part of program which enables you to get a deeper perception of yourselves, with a different outlook on the problems. This kind of individual study enables you to find and sort the issues that have been befallen.

5. Insurance cards, phone cards, and numbers

In order to allow you inside the rehabilitation center, they will have a check at your identification cards. So you are supposed to bring your driving license, other government-issued ID, such as a passport or some sort of personal identification cards. Additionally, you are required to carry a copy of your insurance card for their record, So don’t forget to get your card along with you. Also, make a list of telephone numbers for the most important person in your life. The best and top most rehabs you find will suggest having names, addresses, and phone numbers of your families, friends, landlord, employer, physician, and pharmacologist.

Now let us discuss about things which have to be leave at your residence when entering into the facility

Your recovery process an amazing time were you can build a new and healthy lifestyle, detoxing from the substance abuse like alcohol or other sorts of drug and determining how to control your cravings, anxiety, and withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, this is the time where you have to learn how to develop more self-confident and equipped to begin an accomplished well-balanced life in recovery.  As before-mentioned, many treatment centers have specific conditions on what things are permitted and what is forbidden to bring into the rehab. Some things are unsafe, as they include alcohol or other addictive substances abuse which may be deemed mentally-altering and hence they may have a chance of abusing substances. Each and every drug or alcohol treatment centers will have its personal list of forbidden things, so make sure to check before entry.

Here is a common list of items to leave at residence when entering into the facility:

1. Sensual clothes

The clothes you choose should be loose fitting and comfortable to wash, in rehab, they will be conducting a physical exercise which is a part of substance abuse programs or therapy based on your mental disorders . So it’s essential to make sure that you have clothes that are not too tight, suggestive or uncomfortable. The most important point is that your outfit should not feature any, symbols, logos or representation of stimulating substances.

Here we have listed some general clothes not to bring to the treatment center

  • Revealing shorts
  • Mini skirts  or Muscle shirts
  • Halter tops
  • Tank tops

2. Toiletries that contain alcohol

Toiletries that contains alcohol or any kind of drugs will not be permitted into your rehab center. So in order to have a healthy and safe recovery kindly avoid and leave any alcohol-based items at the residence itself. Before packing your items have a look whether you packed toiletries contain substances.

These are some addictive items which are not permitted into the treatment centers:

  • Mouthwash
  • Perfume
  • Nail polish remover
  • Aerosols

3. Expensive items or large amounts of cash

Expensive value of items such as jewelry is not permitted to bring to a drug rehabilitation center. Most of the rehabs may accept regular use of jewelry such as a wedding ring, or chain. So you are supposed to keep jewelry pieces and large amounts of cash at home itself. Likewise,  bringing huge sums of cash to an addiction treatment center isn’t needed and could easily get misplaced during the journey. If you have lump sums of money with you will be tempted to buy the substances items when you go out of the rehab for a walk or outing. In case If you do get jewelry or high amount cash by mistake, check if there is any facility’s safe box in order to safeguard your valuable items.

4. Outside food and Drugs paraphernalia

Most of the addiction treatment center will provide three meals a day, snacks, refreshments and they also strictly prohibit outside food and drink because rehab will follow specific dietary guidelines to help your recovery process.  In case, if you have dietary restrictions like food allergy then make sure to inform your center before your admission.

Paraphernalia is a material, product or material that is designed for manufacturing, trading, smuggling and utilizing controlled substances. A substance abuse such as cocaine, opioids, cannabis,  and meth are associated with a wide variety of paraphernalia. Even paraphernalia without any substance can be a trigger for you to build powerful drug cravings.

These are some of the drug paraphernalia

  • Rolling papers and cigars
  • Roach clips
  • E-cigarettes
  • Pipes
  • Tin foil
  • Needles and small spoons
  • Straws or paper tubes
  • Aerosol cans, tubes of glue, or rags

5. Electronic items

Most of the drug rehabilitation center banned electronic items completely because using electronic things may help you to unneeded distractions and tempt you to speak with negative outside connections, such as previous substances dealers or drug abuse partners. Internet access such as laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, or other electronic devices may be strictly prohibited in the rehabs. In case if you bring them by mistake your devices will be kept in a safe place.


As you make your list for your rehab, remember that it is essential to concentrate on only taking the things what you require to feel satisfied. It is also crucial to understand that your time finding and admitting in highly rated, inpatient or outpatient treatment facilities should be spent focusing on recovery. At the same time, you will be equipped with lots of time for entertainment, you may require to avoid taking things that could cause anxiety or pressure such as your work stuff. As you prepare your bags for rehab, withdraw overthinking each thing and rather focus on the positive transformations that will make your life happy by providing the opportunity to continue your recovery process.


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