2020 New Year Resolution To Recover From Addiction

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2020 new year resolution to recover from addiction


“New Year Resolutions” a common word we all think about when we are near December 31 of every year, for getting better health we make some oaths to follow throughout the year. Which for many reflects in their lifestyle and causes an enormous change. As of the same if you want to quit your addiction this is the best time of the year to take a resolution.

Starting a year with this kind of positivity paves way for all the positive vibes throughout the year. For those who wish to recover from addiction, this is the best year towards your rehabilitation. And for the people who were in the recovery process, this is a fresh start to maintain their recovery and set new goals on their recovery process. It’s a great time to leave all your past situations and those worrying things that disturb you a lot. Think of the prospective years that are visible ahead in your life and march towards a lively life. 

To lead a happy life and schedule your future full of happiness we have mentioned some of the new year resolutions they can take in the year 2020.

For Those Who Plan About Going Clean

Try new things

Try to move your concentration on some different things, so this actually gives you a diversion for the routines that you are exactly doing daily. For the best results, it is always good to concentrate more on the things which you are most interested in.

Stay positive

Being positive paves a long way in your recovery process, try to surround your environment with all the positive things. Listen to positive music, spend some time daily to boost your energy level, exercise regularly make some time for yoga this helps you a lot for staying positive.

Non-virtual communication

Nowadays we often stick together with our mobile/gadget partner and spend most of our time on the internet/social media this actually limits the time for face to face interaction. Many see it as an evolution, but the hardest thing about this would be- ”the next generation will never know how to face reality”. So try to spend some time with the people whom you really want to be with.

Keep on moving

Never stop at a hurdle, groom yourself to face the hurdle you are meeting daily. There is always a way to fix, so sitting in the same position and idly thinking about the risks that you are facing will never gonna reduce the hurdle you are facing, the best way to handle this situation is to keep moving, keep moving…. This will help you out to reach the goal. 

For Those Who Were In The Initial Step Of Recovery

Get inspired

Motivating yourself is the best thing/gift you can give to yourself when you are in the recovery process. Often in the recovery process, you will feel tired, so getting proper inspiration will boost your level of self-confidence that helps you a lot to achieve the sobriety you want. So watch inspirational stories or TV shows that motivate yourself towards recovery.

Ask for help

In the initial stage of recovery, it is really hard to handle the recovery process. If you feel that you are getting diverted from the recovery process this is the best time to set a resolution and follow that. You know who the people in the inner circle(close to you), try to speak with them periodically. If you feel you are undergoing some struggles or need the motivation to continue your recovery process then make a checklist when you think of new year resolution.

For Those Who Need Some Enhancements In Their Recovery Process

Family support

Nothing can replace the place of a family, if you have a supportive family then you are blessed. If you are in your addiction recovery process then you will receive great support from your family. Even your extended family likes friends, neighbors, and well-wishers.

When you face some struggles, you need a shoulder to lean on or get motivated or full more positivity they might help you a lot in your recovery process. It is good to set this as a New Year’s resolution can easily improve your mental health and you can experience strong support in the form of network.

Focused mindset

In the post-rehabilitation process, there might be many distractions that pave a way back into the recovery process. To make your new year – a healthy and post one, this resolution helps a lot. Mental stability is what the strongest one we have to build in the recovery process. Among all the resolutions this is the most needed one for an addict to stay sober throughout his life.

You are in the step to reach your goal, falling back again will hit you the hardest, so never distract yourself, try to be more positive, set your mind accordingly, surround yourself with positive vibes and people, focus, focus and focus only on your goal.

Be accountable

Whatever actions you do previously or the things that happened previously try to accept as it is and never blame others for your mistake. By this never underestimate yourself this is the time to fix all your negativities and more forward in your life in a very positive way.

So being accountable can be a New Year’s resolution for you to set up the preceding year more positively. Whatever you say addiction is a mixture of nature and nurture impacts. It’s a great opportunity for you to take responsibility for your own life and the path you need to travel. Keep your word, take this resolution and move forward with more confidence.

Work on health

In your addiction recovery, you need to concentrate both on your physical and mental health. If one is found to be lacking then the balance to be created in order to travel on the recovery path.

So have the resolution to boost your mental and physical health to achieve sobriety. So stick to your regular diet, practice exercising, yoga, etc to keep up your well being this new year.

To overcome your recent experiences, making healthy choices for both your mind and body will boost your motivation to remain sober. Whether that’s a balanced diet, regular exercise classes or counseling sessions, working on your wellbeing will keep you on track this New Year.

For Those Who Were Sober In Recent Years

Embrace your sobriety

You have really traveled so hard to reach the other side(sobriety). So keep all those struggles that paved a path to your recovery. So try to enhance things like making you more diet, sticking to a regular follow up diet can really embrace your sobriety. This can be a good new year’s resolution for the people who were in their sobriety.

Maintaining recovery post rehab

In order to ensure that the ratio of your relapse was minimized, implementing your healthy coping mechanisms, taught through rehab will support you through this New Year. View this new year a good opportunity to start fresh and continue your sobriety, so take the new year resolution that is beneficial to your sobriety. Never feel ashamed when you need any help, try to seek support from the loved ones if you feel like you are going to relapse again.



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