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2020 National Recovery Month


Every year September marks the month of recovery from the addiction to drugs and alcohol.  This is carried over by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Since the awareness of substance abuse and alcoholics is less, this recovery week is brought out and people are brought into the light regarding alcohol addiction and substance abuse. It is also a month to recover from mental illness and depression too.

The addiction is increasing at an alarming rate in the United States. It is very much higher than it will reach a stage where it will be tough to stop addiction. The count of people getting addicted to alcohol and other substances is high. It has never shown a point of decrease. It can grow to a level where this will be very challenging to overcome. The government organization SAMHSA offers many treatment options and facilities 

This National Recovery Month is observed for the people to come out of mental depression and substance abuse. It can bring in support for the people who need support to come out of recovery. Many people are aware of what is happening with their minds and body. This will make them approach treatments and psychiatrists for their recovery. They take their own efforts to come out of the addiction and other problems. But few are not even aware of it. So creating awareness is important which is possible through this recovery month. 

More than 21 million adults in the United States are addicted to drugs or alcohol. But the people who approach and get treated from a treatment center are less in amount. Less than 10% of these people approach treatment centers and get efficient treatment. So to bring awareness this month is brought into observation for recovery and this becomes more useful for the addicts. 

Substance Abuse And Mental Health Statistics

There is a widespread impact on Substance Abuse and all other kinds of mental illness problems. This affects so many people more than imaginable. SAMHSA  a government organization estimates that most of the addicted people have mental illness and a part of it is into serious mental illness. 11 million people of the 46 million people are seriously mentally ill.

200 people every single day suffer from alcohol addiction disorder and die due to this. An average of 72000 individuals lost their lives and made their families suffer due to this hazardous alcohol addiction. 

People with both mental illness and substance abuse disorder are more in number. Few things occur due to a reason. This can happen ironically. Substance abuse can cause mental illness and even vice versa. People can even be with both disorders. This might even become a secondary problem. So this will again become a challenge to overcome for the addicts. 

People being unaware of the impacts of addiction, they don’t receive the treatment that they badly need. It is very tricky for them to get treated. 20% of the people who need treatments only receive treatments. It is a fact that only 1 out of 5 people receive the right treatment.

National Recovery Month

This month celebrates people who are trying to recover from addiction problems and disorders. The organization called SAMHSA takes forward this and aims at creating an environment with care and safety. There is another purpose with this recovery month too. It is not only for people trying to recover. It is also for the people who have not yet received the perfect and right treatment. This may aim at being sober and making them clean. 

Some people badly have the resistance to ask help from people. They would feel embarrassed in front of others to tell them about their illness and stuff. When people with illness see others happy, that will make them happy and push them towards a happy, clean, and sober life.

Change In Behavior

When you change your behavior it will definitely replicate in your feelings. When you are in a mentally unstable state, you can try to be happy. You will be acting happy for a few days. This may become a habit and one day you will have the chance of really being happy. If you keep crying and mourning all day, you will be like for your entire lifetime. It may change your inner self that you would become like that.

“Change your behaviors and your feelings will follow.”

The way you behave, the feelings and nature of the heart and mind will be. When you start behaving right, you will be on the right path. In the same way, recovery is possible only when you change your behavior. You should spend your time as you have never been. You should not even have these thoughts and you should think of a way to get diverted from addiction.

Fighting Obstacles

Failure may be a step to success. You may encounter failures and obstacles even on a road. Likewise in life, you will have many obstacles and stepping stones. You should definitely be in a position to face these obstacles. 

 “Obstacles are those frightening things that become visible when we take our eyes off our goals.”

Recovery is not possible all of a sudden. It requires baby steps to be kept to recover permanently from addiction. Obstacles may be in the form of friends, relatives, etc. But the real thing about this is to recover from this beyond these obstacles. Facing these obstacles and coming out of it is called real life and this will definitely be a tough part in everyone’s life. Many may give their advice and their thoughts as their support for us to recover. But the reality is with us. We have to recover with our own support.

Show Your Support

The first thing you can do with recovery month is to create awareness all around you to get recovered. Many of the people who are trying to recover may need your support. You will definitely need to provide your support. When you are ready to show your support, you can ask your peers and family members to spread the awareness themselves. When you have a loved one or a friend addicted to drugs and alcohol, you can help them out by advising them. You can tell them to not feel ashamed of this habit. This is not supposed to be a disease. This is just an addiction from which you can recover when you have mental strength. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and need a confidential treatment, you can approach the medical detox centers through Addictionaide or call us at 802-231-1018.

Last Update : June 17, 2021


Can you leave the rehabilitation center?

You can leave the rehab any time, no one will compel you to stay at the rehab. However, dedication and continued treatment are required to fight addiction and achieve a sober life.

What are the Stages of Addiction?

There are various stages of addictions. The initial stage is the functioning individual with the addiction. The most common scenario is they have a job and their relationships are intact, but their health is depleting slowly because of their dependence.

What are narcotics and why people get it?

Narcotic analgesics (painkillers) are drugs that can reduce pain, cause numbness and/ or induce a state of unconsciousness. They have the tendency to cause tolerance and addiction

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