“A Start Over” – Michael Dixon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3dDs47r6IQ“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round, I really love to watch them roll. No longer ...

See How Sheila Ramsey Overcome Her Addiction

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15Q6xxFhR_EI have to struggle with abandonment issues. I learned mistrust when I should have learned trust.I struggled ...

Christina Henderson Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back

https://youtu.be/eA9XbbFzGPkAbout myself, I have always found it hard to write about my own self, but I suppose I’ll try. I hauled cattle, yes semi over ...

List Of Treatment Centers You Can Claim Insurance In California

Introduction Health Insurances in California California State Health Resources California Health Insurance Statistics Types of Health Insurance in ...

Binge Eating Disorder – What Is It? And What Can You Do To Stop It?

What Is Binge Eating Disorder? Binge eating disorder is characterized by regular episodes of eating large amounts of food rapidly, usually when you’re not ...

Top Tips For Overcoming Opiate Addiction

Table ContentDon’t Use Other Recreational Drugs  Seek Help from OTC Medications Try a Taper Stay Busy  Exercise  Conclusion: Slow, ...

Know the real story of being sober for the past 14 years-Marcos Sheldon Padilla

https://youtu.be/Iagxmn8pEy0They do. I'm at... 14+ years.Everything to be able to stay clean (that's the "drugs" word, though it's slowly passing out ...

How Bad Mental Health Induces Your Dental Problem

Several studies have already established a link between oral health and general well-being. This means poor oral hygiene is believed to cause a variety of ...

The Importance Of Sober Support Groups In Recovery

Support groups play a crucial role in recovery as they allow people to unite and share common experiences, lessons, and concerns with one another. Whether ...

5 Effective Yoga Breathing Exercises For Balance & Health

The food we eat and the way we breathe are the primary effectors on our overall health and lifestyle. In today's time, we see the western world going crazy ...

How Anxiety Can Affect Your Addiction Recovery

Anxiety is a severe health condition that is more often ignored by the majority. There are many reasons for anxiety ranging from social anxiety, post-traumatic ...

How Music Therapy Can Help Improve Mental Health

In this fast-paced world, everyone is quite busy with their own schedule and list of tasks, they hardly have time to relax. So there is a huge change for ...

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