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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – May 3 Week

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1. The Opposite Of Addiction Is Connection

Those with substance use disorders on Martha’s Vineyard may feel more alone than ever in a time when social distancing and isolation has become the new normal. (

2. Recovering From Addiction Amidst A Pandemic

For people in recovery from addiction, coronavirus can be particularly challenging. Take Ashley Temple — for the past several months the single mom of three has been working her way through the Rea of Hope recovery program in Charleston. “I was, you know, broken and just wanted a better way of life and wanted to be an example for my kids and show them you know that I made mistakes in the past, but I didn’t let it define who I was,” Temple said. “And I persevered through all of that.”(

3.Psa From Hazlet’s Hope Network: Addiction Does Not Close Or Shut Down, We Are Here For You 24/7

At this time Hazlet’s Hope Network is operating & running, as we always are! Addiction doesn’t close or shut down due to this national pandemic. Being quarantined has left many people feeling isolated and depressed. If you or loved one is in need of help, please reach out to us by calling our Crisis Hotline available 24/7 (732) 739-7717.(

4. Scott Walker: Even As Coronavirus Rages, We Must Not Forget That Addiction Kills Hundreds Every Year In Wisconsin

While Americans work together to defeat the deadly coronavirus pandemic, we can’t afford to lose sight of another ongoing epidemic that we were just starting to get under control when the invisible enemy reached our shores. We must continue to be vigilant in the fight against addiction. (

5. Addiction Treatment Community Sending Message To Those Who Need Help

The addiction treatment community heard the news and they have a message for those who are struggling right now.

“We were worried in the sense that we kind of foresaw something like this happening,” said Dr. Marthinus Zeenman, addiction specialist of UT University Clinical Health Addiction Medicine. “That people are going to be stressed, and usually with stress, people use more.”(

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Last Update : May 21, 2020


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