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San Antonio is the seventh most populated city in the US and second-largest city in Texas with 1.493 million people, This city rests on the divide between South and Central Texas. It is one of the most popular tourist sites in Texas. San Antonio is a wonderful city for sightseeing. This city offers a number of attractive places, including  San Antonio Missions National Historical Park & Mission Trail, The San Antonio River Walk, The Alamo, San Fernando Cathedral and Natural Bridge Caverns.

How people become addicted to drugs in San Antonio city?

San Antonio is a flourishing community that has committed to historically drug high abuse rates and crime. Regrettably, the city’s close proximity to the US-Mexico border and placed along the US highway operation which makes popular among drug cartels (a group which shares drugs). San Antonio is supposed to be the largest and most crowded drug market in the South Texas region HIDTA (high-intensity drug trafficking area).

These drugs are commonly abused in San Antonio city:

  • Cocaine
  • Synthetic cannabinoids
  • Heroin

  • Phencyclidine 
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine


Luckily, research-based substance abuse like drug or alcohol rehab treatment programs endures in San Antonio that can benefit an individual person to recover from addiction and makes them attain long term sober.

How to find the best rehabilitation center in San Antonio city

If a person is addicted to excessive consumption to alcohol or abuse illicit drugs it is very difficult to overcome without help. Multiple rehabilitation centers like San Antonio rehab center offers treatment programs to addiction like methamphetamine, opiate drugs, pain medication, and alcohol for individual those who are willing to gain control over their addiction to substances. In several rehab centers, they also offer educational meetings to assist individual’s family members to cope with their loved one’s dependence and treatment.

There is a wide variety of programs and facilities are available to treat individuals that include inpatient and outpatient programs.  There are some drug rehab centers to work with particular demographics, such as young adults, male or female, while others embrace a variety of clients.

Finding a trustworthy, well-established addiction rehabilitation center is a crucial move in taking positive action to overcome an addiction. Now its time to find actionable guidance and insight into how to choose a rehabilitation center. Here is some high-quality rehab center in San Antonio that helps an individual to recover from addiction.

Visual Representation of Drug Abuse in San Antonio

1. Alpha Home, Inc

Alpha Home is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation. This addiction treatment center offers residential, outpatient, and intervention programs that are certified by CARF(Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and also accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services. They are committed to treating an individual person not just the dependence by caring, equipped professionals. By combining their core powers of Spirituality, Compassion, Honesty, and Respect into their treatment method, they also concentrate on offering the support for each and every individual to develop a future of long term rehabilitation. They provide dual diagnosis support for females those who are struggling with substance abuse like drug and alcohol addiction and mental health problems. By implementing gender-specific treatment in a drug-free atmosphere, their program benefits women to concentrate on female-specific problems.

2. La Hacienda Treatment Center – Community Outreach Center

La Hacienda Treatment Center continues to set the standard in professional residential care facilities and treatment for substance abuse like for alcohol and drug addiction. Their staff believes that offering treatment to their client’s in a positive, secure atmosphere creates a restorative environment. With a range of 135 clients, it takes a community of people to create a quality of atmosphere that embraces changes in your lives. When possible, They work with a client’s major care physician. Also, they are equipped to treat a co-occurring disorder, such as distress, anxiety, PTSD, or ADHD. At La Hacienda’s, they have been committed to helping the requirements of a person and their families who are addicted to alcohol and drug addiction. They work closely with specialists to guarantee long-term recovery.

3. The Right Step – San Antonio

The Right Step is placed in Wimberley, midway connecting Austin and San Antonio on a 30-acre campus featuring individual cottages for both male and female, a swimming pool,  health club, volleyball court and a sports court for tennis or basketball. At Right Step, they are dedicated to providing a complete, evidence-based therapy for drug and alcohol addiction, specialized program, and co-occurring disorders for those who are struggling with addiction. This drug and alcohol rehabilitation center endeavor Joint Commission accreditation in order to improve organizational performance and prove their dedication to the highest level of quality care. Their staff of uniquely qualified therapists and addiction professionals is performed to delivering excellent treatment and programs that benefit permanent lifestyle change for their clients and the entire family.

4. San Antonio Recovery Center

San Antonio treatment center in San Antonio, Texas. Established in 2010,  they believe that healing from drug and alcohol dependence needs a full spectrum of treatment and programs, not to just concentrate on a particular area. They consolidate proper diagnosis, advanced therapy modalities, and a supportive and healing atmosphere, in a secure and convenient facility. At San Antonio Recovery Center, they accept most major insurance providers in-network and out-of-network and help their clients to navigate coverage choices to guarantee that you maximize your possible benefits. They endeavor to accomplish a synergistic connection with their clients. According to them building a “win-win” relationship will empower them to provide individual and their family the best care to recover from addiction

5. MedMark Treatment Centers San Antonio – Quincy

MedMark Treatment Centers offers outpatient medication-assisted treatment programs for those who are dependent on opioid addiction like buprenorphine and methadone. Each and every individual endeavoring services will engage with medical and clinical team for an evaluation. An admission meeting can take 2-3 hours to end after that your first dosage of prescribed medication will be given. During the initiation stage, your personalized treatment program will be designed with the help of their counselor and specialists. Their evidence-based method is supported by drug and alcohol addiction counseling, case management, community resource referrals, and other supportive assistance to support their clients recover their lives from a mental disorder or substance abuse. They also focus on providing improved support and relief to their clients while enhancing accessibility to treatment for people who still in need of help.

Recovery is the most beautiful thing than staying in addiction. When you come out of dependence from substance abuse like consuming alcohol or abusing illicit drugs it makes you feel happy, joyful, and free from the bondage of addiction. You will experience the life that is an indescribably amazing and positive attitude. If you or your loved one is struggling from addiction, Now it’s right time to get the help by visiting or calling drug rehab San Antonio to recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Statistics in San Antonio

Admission Increased Upto 68%

About 68% of patients less than 28 age were admitted to treatment for heroin addiction in Texas in 2018.

Admission for Heroin Treatment

48% of Heroin Treatment patients were combination of heroin with cocaine prior to admission into rehab centers.

4,000 Times Over Dose Medication

In 2018, San Antonio emergency services administered the anti-overdose medication Naloxone more than 4,000 times.

Best 5 Handpick Rehab Centers in San Antonio

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Alpha Home, Inc

Alpha Home is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. They provide residential, outpatient, and intervention programs are accredited by CARF. Their ...

La Hacienda Treatment Center – Community Outreach Center

La Hacienda Treatment Center remains to set the standard in professional residential care facilities for alcohol and drug recovery. For over 40 ...

The Right Step – San Antonio

 The Right Step San Antonio Found in the Churchill Estates area of North San Antonio, their facility is situated near the intersection of Blanco ...

San Antonio Recovery Center

San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas is not your typical drug and alcohol therapy center. Established in 2010, they abide by the ...

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