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Houston is the largest city in Texas and 4th largest populous city in the United States which is grouped in with eight surrounding counties. This city is one of the fastest developing cities in the US and its population in 2017 is 2.313 million. In 1836, a large area of land along Buffalo Bayou a slow-moving river was purchased by two real estate businesspeople from New York and the city was named as San Houston. And San Jacinto was chosen as the president of Texas that year. Houston city is closely connected with the Space Center Houston, and flight control complex and NASA’s astronaut training together with several extra impressive attractions place like inspiring museums, renowned chefs, Minute Maid Park, Houston’s Street Art and beautiful green spaces, complete with a bayou flowing through the heart of the Houston city.

Houston is a city which is positioned in Texas county, USA. Houston is the fourth most populated area in the USA. And this city is famous for its Arts, Education, Bussiness, etc. Downtown Houston is the largest business city. Houston city was nicknamed as “Space City” Because of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) originated in this city.

Houston is also a high-intensity drug trafficking area [HIDTA]. This city is located near the Gulf of Mexico which is the easiest way to import the drugs by using this busiest port.

How people become addicted to substance abuse in Houston cities?

As we all know that this city is well-known for its business or industrial growth and international diversity. Sadly, with a large number of a population and close to Mexico, so drug dealers from Mexico frequently enter the U.S. through the southern border of Texas or through ports in the Gulf of Texas., Houston became a primarily targeted city for drug trafficking, consumption of alcohol, and addiction. Texas stands first in the nation for the addiction of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, and secondly for methamphetamine(meth). These famous accessible of illegal substances and dependence are also developing in Houston.

What are Drug-Related and Overdoses  Deaths in Houston city?

These are Drug-Related and Overdoses Deaths in the Houston Area:

  • In 2016,  205 people have died due to  Cocaine addiction
  • In 2016, 84 people have died due to  Methamphetamine addiction
  • In 2016, 73 people have died due to  Heroin addiction
  • In 2016, 97 people have died due to  Xanax addiction
  • In 2016, 67 people have died due to  Vicodin addiction
  • Around 44.5 years old age people had lost their lives due to a drug overdose in the Houston
  • Out of 100 More than 75% of drug overdose deaths happened in Houston

Should I Travel Outside Houston for drug or alcohol Treatment?

Houston is a populated city in Texas, choosing drug or alcohol rehab in Houston Texas inside the city can also lead disturbances from attending the treatment programs and since it is the largest city, people may travel out of treatment center that can again influence them to use substances like drug or alcohol. Generally, people living in large cities can choose rehab center outside the cities so that they can concentrate completely on getting sober. There are much famous substance addiction treatment centers in Texas, as well as rehabilitation center outside of the state.

How to find an addiction treatment center in Houston, Texas?

When a person is addicted to substances like alcohol or drug addiction, they may think that there is no way to recover from dependence. But when he/she develops strong willpower and courage to overcome the problem he/she can easily win the battle of addiction or dependence. If an individual Abuses illicit drugs like cocaine or heroin or specific prescription drugs like oxycodone, methadone, and suboxone can create changes in the brain. In fact, next to marijuana, prescription painkillers are the most commonly abused drugs and many of them have lost their lives from overdosing strong opioid pills every day than from gun deaths and traffic accidents.

If a person is really bothering about his/ her addiction. No worries, there are multiple of drug or alcohol rehab in Houston Texas like Houston rehabilitation center by providing quality treatment or therapy programs for addicts by using effective tools and techniques required to completely recover from addiction. This long-term recovery begins with the courage, face vulnerabilities, and then to build a stable foundation to sustain a life of sobriety.

Don’t lose your hope—even if you have attempted and break down before. The road to recovery often involves bumps, hazard, and difficulties. But when you begin analyzing the problem and thinking about your addictive behaviors, you’re traveling into the right path.

There are some best high-grade rehabilitation centers that recover you from substance abuse addiction.

1. Houston Recovery Center

At Houston Recovery Center, their vision is to provide Comprehensive access to rehabilitation from substance abuse like alcohol or drug and to attain long term recovery. Their intentions are to maintain treatment programs through funding and development efforts. They provide an innovative, safe place for sobering, energetic service design guided by their responsibility to accept each person while providing them recovery support and assistance focused on individual needs.  

2. Into Action Recovery Centers

At Into Action Recovery Centers, they believe that spiritual growth and strong rehabilitation can bring personal peace to their patients who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse. To this point, they take a people-centered method to everything they do, from an individual conversation, staff interaction, and community relationships. Their treatment and program include a continuous dedication to recovery that continues long after their patients graduate.

3. Bay Area Recovery – Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Rehab

Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC)  is Placed just south of Houston, Texas. They are an organization of people who are rediscovering and have healed from a desperate state of both mentally and physically. It is continued care and substance abuse rehabilitation center that provided relief from drug or alcohol addiction through their treatment programs.

4. Taylor Recovery Center – Houston Sober Living

At Taylor Recovery, their treatment programs are structured and responsibility in a healing and relaxing atmosphere. Including pleasant activities in the environment of people who are trying to get sober with substance abuse treatment programs, or working to sustain sobriety with their recovery programs, and providing them with the chance to still care for their clients. The trained specialists tailor their patient’s rehabilitation program which high-grade suits their requirements, helping their client to get the root of all problems and making any changes required to ensure their success.

5. Nova Recovery Center

At Nova Recovery Center, they are aimed to eliminate personal barriers through the blending of rehabilitation and clinical approaches,  giving each and every person the possibility to be victorious in the recovery process. They believe that substance abuse treatment should be treated more than just individuals signs and symptoms. The emotions,  past experiences, and beliefs behind clients behaviors need to be solved by offering a wide range to treatment programs both mentally and physically.

Drug Addiction Statistics

Visual Representation of Drug Abuse – Houston

Marijuana Usage Up To 60.9%

In Houston city 60.9% of people who are using Marijuana.

Heroin Usage Up To 1.9%

Houston area is one of Texas center of HEROIN overdose death.

Affected Age Group

More than 75% death in this city that effects 44.5 years old people

Houston Location Map

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