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Anaheim was founded in 1857, this city is a heart of Orange County, California which was situated on 1,165 acres. This city founded when a group of Germans came to the area from San Francisco. The community Anaheim, the “anna” is called as Santa Ana River and the meaning of “heim” is home in German. Later, the name was slightly transformed to Anaheim that the city had a population of 336,265. This city in Southern California which has very effective people those who love to take part in their beloved sports. Anaheim is very famous for visitors who come to explore the city and use the great transport connections to reach the nearby cities and seashores of California.

The beauty of this city is a Disneyland Park providing jobs to about 31,000 people, a fantastic theme park, The Honda Center is the indoor field where the Anaheim hockey team plays, and Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a vast coastline, and a mild climate. This city’s thriving business and industry area benefit to promote the city’s neighborhoods and make Anaheim a fabulous place to work, live,  and play.

Anaheim is a city that offers for the people, public safety through the Anaheim Police Department, Anaheim Public Utilities provides Fire & Rescue, water and power service, Anaheim Community Services provides parks, community centers, family services, and museums, Anaheim Public Works offers development of neighborhood and transport facilities and   Community & Economic Development provides the city’s revitalization

Anaheim is a city quite outside of Los Angeles, which is located in Orange County, California. Shining southern California is a famous vacationist destination and Anaheim is home of the Disneyland resort, multiple professional sports teams, a very large coastal line, and a moderate climate too. Anaheim’s sea shores are mind-blowing but at the same time, there is mental illness and drug abuse make the city darken. The addict was seeking specialized treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and mental illness in this city.

Visual Representation of Drug Abuse in Anaheim

Behavioral Health Services has scheduled many programs for addiction treatment and mental illness they providing these treatments for a low-cost or fee-for-service offering. There are many treatment centers in Anaheim which are full of the beautiful environment and luxurious rehabs and accept financial insurances.

Why people become addicted to substance abuse?

Even though if Anaheim has a large density of population and resources, it is not shocking that the city has drug use and abuse. Many people in Anaheim are addicted to a substance like a drug or alcohol because of their group of friends. Or they might be interested or bored, a person may abuse substance for many reasons, but frequently because they benefit the person to escape from fact for some time. A drug might temporarily make a person feel better or forget about problems when he/she is depressed. But this escape lasts only for a short period of time.

Addiction and Abuse Stats for Drugs and Alcohol in the Anaheim

Illicit Drugs:

The survey targeted six classes of illicit medication (cocaine, marijuana, heroin, numerous hallucinogens, methamphetamines, and club drugs). The report shows that thirty-fourth of OC adults used one or a lot of illicit medicine in their lifespan. Marijuana is the most popular illicit drugs used in the OC, with 33% of adults saying they use it regularly. 13% of adults using cocaine. Heroin users in OC are registered at only 1% in 33,000 adults.

Prescription Drugs:

The study knew four totally different categories of prescribed drugs that OC users took for nonmedical reasons – pain relievers, stimulants, sedatives, and tranquilizers. 141% increase in the rate of opioid-related ED visits. 81% of overdose deaths were accidental and 55% due to prescription opioids.


In 2000 substance abuse related deaths have by 82 percent. From 2013 to 2015 around 700 people lost their lives due to drug and alcohol addiction yearly and in 2016, 1769 residents died due to a drug overdose.

Types of Programs in the OC

There many options for drug and alcohol addict to get recover from the substance abuse

  • Residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Outpatient treatment program

  • After caring
  • 12 step program
  • Sober Living

Types of Facilities

Apart from a range of facilities giving services to assist patients to acquire a sober life, there are multiple ways of treatment a patient will undergo, generally within the course of a similar treatment period. There two types of facilities, namely

  • Inpatient facility
  • Outpatient facility

Addiction Recovery centers and Supports

These drugs are most commonly abused in Anaheim:

  • Hydrocodone
  • Morphine
  • Hydromorphone

  • Methadone
  • Oxycodone

People are addicted to drugs like  Alcohol, methamphetamine, and marijuana. Particularly, middle-aged men consume a large amount of alcohol in Anaheim.

What are the best substance treatment centers in Anaheim?

Anaheim is a welcoming and pleasant place to stay. If a person wants to recover from addiction and develops a fresh, positive outlook on life. When a person decides to recover from addiction, it will take a significant amount of personal determination and self-discipline to accomplish and sustain long-term sobriety. However, you are never lonely on this journey.  In Anaheim, There are numbers of addiction treatment center that develops your willpower and personal discipline and offers multiple treatment and therapies for those who are addicted to substance abuse. For instance, if a person is struggling with severe forms of addiction enter a detox program before transitioning into rehab. Others may choose to start rehabilitation at an inpatient or outpatient programs. Once treatment is completed, it is highly advised to stay strengthening the lessons learned in anaheim rehabilitation center by attending support groups and treatment programs.

Even though there are many rehabilitation centers in Anaheim with many amenities and services provided, it can be difficult to choose the right Anaheim rehabilitation centers. Here are some best anaheim rehabilitation centers.

Anaheim Lighthouse

At Anaheim Lighthouse, they offer a home-like environment in adjacent four-plex units. Their initial stage of recovery is detox services. This service gives us a chance to control each patient for as long as required to attain the level of both emotional and physical stability that provides the power to drive into a residential program. They reflect light of faith for those who are willing to take that first step. Their treatment combines with individual and group counseling, with specific groups concentrating on dual diagnosis, family relationships and trauma recovery they have separate facilities for both male and female, with 103 beds and work with patients and their families in education, communication, and socialization.

Melrose Recovery Group

Melrose Recovery Group in Los Angeles, CA, their purpose is all about transforming lives of all substance abuse addicts. They offer detox and inpatient treatment programs that help people get back on their feet. At Melrose, treatment specialist will benefit you to find out your specific plan. Moreover, they also help with insurance advocacy if required. Their compassionate staff, experienced dependence professionals and specialists are dedicated to the success and well being of their patients. According to them, recovery is different for each and every person, so individuality in the plan of care is perpetually their main focus. Moreover, They believe that clients are able to change their lives, rebuild their relationships and restore their futures.

Lighthouse Treatment Center

At, Lighthouse Treatment Center they engage with a group of specialists who honestly care about long-last healing by developing a powerful foundation for a life free from drugs and alcohol addiction. They offer leisure living spaces, clean and separate bathrooms, high-end kitchens stocked with excellent food, spacious outdoor patios infused with plant life and Zen fountains. They encourage and Promote self-empowerment, individual growth, positive choices, personal accountability and strong relationships in sobriety and they also know how important it is, to get natural endorphins circulating, supporting patients feel good much faster than without resorting the abuse of alcohol and drug.

The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery

The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery is a non-profit outpatient treatment center. The founder of the CAAR is Dr. Berberich, she has dedicated her life to encouraging teenagers and young adults recover from the very physical bondage of dependence an apparently bad cycle of anxiety and depression that covers the complete family. The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recover offers an evidence-based aftercare program which hugely enhances rehabilitation success. They offer an excellent program that involves individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. They strive to build society understanding and engagement to decrease the stigma connected to dependence and mental illness to benefit teenagers, young adults, and their family members to seek guidance rather than feel undeserved guilt and to experience in isolation.

Coastal Addiction Center

Coastal Addiction Center is located in Anaheim, CA. In a private housing track which gives a calm, serene, and comfortable atmosphere that is filled with love and support. Their purpose is to offer healing, therapeutic and focused atmosphere for their patients, which provides the chance for excellent rehabilitation. Their place is 8min to Disneyland, 20min to the beach and 20 min to some of the most wonderful hiking tracks in California. At Coastal Addiction Center they offer medication-assisted detoxification in a comfortable, safe, non-hospital, residential home environment. Their fully licensed detox facility will treat the clients securely and conveniently detox from any substance in their friendly, supportive and caring family atmosphere.

When you are someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, Don’t be frightened to ask for guidance.  The multiple treatment options are available in Anaheim rehabilitation center that assures individual treatment and rehabilitation for people those who are suffering from substance abuse addiction. If you want to learn more about your rehab options, you can discuss with your dedicated treatment specialist and clarify your queries.

Alcohol Statistics in Anaheim

Overdose Deaths

Prescription drugs are 51.1% and illicit drug 37.5% death in last year around the city.

Admission in OC

Over 5,500 hospitalisations related to substance abuse take place each year.

141% Emergency

Opioid-related emergency room visits climbed 141% between 2005 and 2015 around the city.

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It’s Time to Recover

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Canyon View Treatment Centers

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Reese Behavioral

Reese Behavioral

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Coastal Addiction Center

Coastal Addiction Center

Coastal Addiction Center, they are a doctor-owned and operated in-patient detox and residential addiction treatment facility located at 527 South Archer St. in Anaheim, California. They are here ...

Bridges to Life Detox and Recovery

Bridges to Life Detox and Recovery

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Melrose Recovery Group

Melrose Recovery Group

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Anaheim Lighthouse

Anaheim Lighthouse

At Anaheim Lighthouse, they know that drug addiction therapy and detox must be affordable and effective. Addiction therapy may be the farthest thing from the mind of an addicted individual. ...

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