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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – Oct 4 Week

1. Mind-Body Medicine In Addiction Recovery There are three main pillars of MORE: it has been proven to help with distress tolerance; cue reactivity and attentional bias. ( How Addiction Treatment Prepared One Woman To 'face The Pandemic Head On' As an ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – Oct 3 Week

1. Why Talking About Drug And Alcohol Addiction Is Crucial During The PandemicDrug and alcohol-related overdoses have been on the rise since the onset of the pandemic. Addiction specialist Dr. Kevin Gilliland joins LX News to explain why talking about addiction is so important to help ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – Oct 2 Week

1. Covid Changed The Way We Use Drugs And Alcohol— Now It's Time To Properly Invest In Treatment The Global Drug Survey between May and June found similar results among the mostly young people who responded. ( More Young Adults In The U.S. Are Saying No To ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – Oct 1 Week

1. Wood County Schools Receives Funding For Drug, Alcohol Prevention Programs A committee of counselors and educators from Wood County Schools met to plan the prevention curriculum and the materials used. ( Minister For Public Health And Wellbeing Publishes ...

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