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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 5 Week

1. FDA Requires Labeling Changes For Opioids To Include Information About Naloxone The FDA has announced that it is requiring drug manufacturers for all opioid pain relievers and medicines to treat opioid use disorder to include new recommendations about naloxone to the prescribing information. ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 4 Week

1. Overdose Deaths Down At Supervised Drug Consumption Sites At unsanctioned safe drug consumption sites, where participants are allowed to inject illicit drugs under the supervision of trained personnel, overdoses are less likely to result in death. ( Traditional Ptsd ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 3 Week

1. 5 Years, No Fatal Odds: Study Finds 'safe Injection Sites' Can Save Lives  Safe injection sites for users of illicit drugs such as heroin: They've been tried and legalized in countries such as Canada and the Netherlands. ( )2. Rats' Brain Activity Reveals Their Alcohol ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 2 Week

1. Marijuana Use While Pregnant Boosts Risk Of Children's Sleep Problems As many as 7% of moms-to-be use marijuana while pregnant and that number is rising fast as more use it to quell morning sickness. But new research suggests such use could have a lasting impact on ( Uptick ...

Welcome To My World – Lynne Huysamen

How do I write my stories during active addiction without mentioning the other people involved? I can’t tell someone else’s story and I don’t want to ruin the reputation of people that have been in my life. But I need to share my story and I need to tell you what happened. This has been ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 1 Week

1. Light Drinking May Protect Brain Function Light to moderate drinking may preserve brain function in older age, according to a new. ( Insomnia And Alcohol Consumption Linked To Adhd SymptomsAccording to the researchers, the study shows that spending cuts to ...

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