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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – April 5 Week

1.Ohio County Prosecutor: Pandemic Puts More Stress On Families Dealing With Addiction Vinton County, Ohio, has been on the front lines of the opioid crisis in the U.S. for several years. The drugs may have changed over the years — from opioids to meth — but the devastating effects on families ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – April 4 Week

1.Coronavirus Crisis Spurs Access To Online Treatment For Opioid Addiction Opioid addiction isn't taking a break during the coronavirus pandemic. But the U.S. response to the viral crisis is making addiction treatment easier to get. Under the national emergency declared by the Trump administration ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – April 3 Week

1.Spider Venom Key To pain Relief Without Side-Effects Molecules in tarantula venom could be used as an alternative to opioid painkillers for people seeking chronic pain relief. University of Queensland researchers have designed a novel tarantula venom mini-protein that can potentially relieve ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – April 2 Week

1. Hangover drug shows wider benefits A well-known hangover drug not only helps soothe pounding headaches but also triggers profound changes that protect the liver, USC scientists report in new findings that could help prevent alcohol-related harm. ( For Drug Users, COVID-19 ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – April 1st Week

1. Coronavirus crisis could help trigger relapse among those fighting addiction The social distancing and isolation of the coronavirus pandemic may put people struggling with addiction at risk for relapse, an expert says.Feeling stressed, isolated and scared may drive them back to substance ...

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