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Rehab Weekly Roundup March 2019

Rehab Weekly Roundup March 2019

1. Opioid crisis: People needing treatment are falling victim to predatory rehab 'recruiters' When Gina DeMaria first opened the Dominic House, a recovery home in Hanover, she was approached by a man who offered her $400 in exchange for each patient she referred to his treatment center in ...

5 Rehab News You Need to Know Friday

1.Drug Possession Laws in California Have you been caught with drugs in California?  We describe the legal process here. Plus, a section on how drug courts and rehab can help. 2. Addicted to fentanyl, one man tries to avoid becoming another "overdose statistic" Fatal drug overdoses peaked ...

Addiction Recovery News Weekly Roundup March 2019

1. 35 people charged in Chicago-area drug trafficking cases. CHICAGO — Nearly three dozen people are facing federal or state charges in connection with heroin and fentanyl trafficking in Chicago. Federal prosecutors in Chicago announced the charges Tuesday. They say 22 people face federal drug ...

Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – March 2019

1). How Technology Can Help Those with Drug Addiction Achieve Sobriety Addiction is a serious problem in America. Of the U.S. population, 6 percent or more is addicted to illegal drugs; 12 percent struggle with alcohol abuse; and even more people have problems with other legal substances, like ...

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